Breaking them in…

I absolutely love my bridal shoes. Remember how I mentioned I wanted comfortable? Well, on this large frame, it’s hard to consider anything with a heel comfortable now. I realized in my dress fitting that these shoes were going to cause trouble if I didn’t break them in.

See, I’m used to wearing flats (thus my bee name), but heels make me feel sexy (haha! seriously, something about a good pair of heels). So, the logical thing to do is break these babies in!

I’ve been wearing them around the house in 30 minute intervals, and I’m not sure if I have that sexy walk down quite yet. However, I’m trying.

I also bought these bad boys at David’s Bridal (in white) to keep my toes from sliding. However, I’m sure I’m going to need to buy more insole and some strap help because those dig into my feet.

Image source

I’m sure I’m going to have to end up buying a pair of white platform sandals to dance in or something. I can’t go to my loyal ballet flats on our big day, because there’s a 2 inch difference in height between the shoes!

Image source

Did/do you have problems with your shoes before the wedding? Do you have any breaking in tips for me?


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