Taking some shortcuts…

As you can probably tell by my lack of DIY posts, I’m starting to feel a little lax in my planning lately. I remember last March, starting my binder with all of these great DIY ideas. I was looking forward to my plethora of craft projects, strategically spread out throughout the upcoming 14 months of planning.

Well, I’ve kind of turned to my procrastinating side, and now to my second guessing side. Do I really need these pretty embossed envelopes, only for guests to rip them open? Do I really need to offer to make more invitations for the rehearsal dinner? Hmm…well, my cutting corners side emerged thanks to Gartner Studios.

I originally was going to buy these clear favor boxes with personalized labels and homemade favors inside. That morphed into, well, how many people will look at my homemade treats and truly appreciate them? I remember attending a wedding last year, noticing all the neglected favors. I appreciated how cute they were, and yep, I took 3 home! However, there were a whole bunch leftover as we left. I felt bad for the bride and groom. I know they spent a good bit of time making them perfect for their big day.

So, here emerges my second guessing side. Our favors have morphed into these favor boxes with Mr. BF and I’s favorite candies in the boxes. (My apologies for the blurry picture. This is what Gartner Studios has on their website!!)

Image source

The labels will say something cheesy and cute….I can’t help it!! “Enjoy a few of our favorite things.” A sort of play off of The Sound of Music’s song. These are a really cute substitution, in my opinion, and shouldn’t take so long to make!

I wanted to offer to help FMIL Ballet Flat with rehearsal dinner invites, but, well, I’m busy with our invites and other projects right now. I just wanted to make things simpler here. As Mr. BF and I were perusing Target for our weekly clearance shopping date, I noticed these teal and brown Letter Impress invitations for $35/box of 50. We suggested these to FMIL, and we offered to pick them up for her to look at. Wouldn’t you believe the VERY next day, they were on CLEARANCE for half off!! SCORE! (Once again, apologies for the blurry picture.)

Image source

Have you noticed yourself feeling the crunch and taking some shortcuts in your wedding planning?


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