It’s OK to be human!

I haven’t updated you guys much lately on my progress with my diet/fitness plan. I got down to 247 lbs. last Thursday, bringing my weight loss to 18 lbs. However, I decided since last weekend was Valentine’s weekend, I wouldn’t sweat the calories so much and just enjoy it! After the mexican food Friday night and the Beef Wellington that I made for V-day night, I gained two lbs back and am sitting at 249. Did I mention my lazy booty didn’t see the gym from last Wednesday to this Wednesday? I’m not bummed about this. I told myself to enjoy the weekend and I did! I can still stare at my paper clip chain holding 16 paper clips. (The one at work is spanning across my bulletin board! It feels awesome!!)

Now, this weekend is Mardi Gras weekend, and as you know, that stands for Fat Tuesday. This will be me over the weekend!! 🙂


Note: I wasn’t engaged at this point…the ring on my right hand is a $7 piece of costume jewelry that I would switch on my left finger in the rare event some weirdo hit on me.

Ok, ok. Just kidding you guys!!

I told myself that I will allow myself one meal of indulgence this weekend, and that will probably be Saturday night when I visit my aunt’s in Mid City for the Endymion Parade. If you EVER go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, this is the ONE parade that I HIGHLY recommend you going to. It’s known for the beautiful fiber optic floats, the best of the bands, celebrity grand marshals and SERIOUSLY, the most throws. My neck is usually sore holding all those beads (which I usually only keep one or two collector beads and give the rest to little kids on ladders lol).

Ok, back to being human. I went to the gym last night for circuit class and Oh My Gosh….my thighs are so sore. It hurt to go down the stairs this morning!! I miss the sore feeling…however, I don’t think I’ve ever been THIS sore before. I think my instructor knew about me skipping out on class hehe! 🙂

I found some great tips in an email this morning from Beachbody (you know, the company that sells the latest workout tapes that are heck of expensive?).

Anyways, I hope these simple tips help a little. They sure made me think!!

Article Link “7 Common Factors of Successful Weight Management”

Do you have any other simple tips to share for those trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle?


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