I’m so backwards!

I’m totally backwards, I know. When I went for my dress fitting, I was told by the lady that I wouldn’t need a bra. The corset type dress would hold me in well. I’ve never NOT worn a bra, so I was skeptical. I’m not top heavy by any means, but I do have ladies that cannot (in my opinion) go braless. I trusted them, though, went to my alterations and the lady basically told me my boobs would not be held in by this dress alone. I needed a bra. UGH, I knew it!!!

See, plus-sized ladies are expected to have plus-sized boobs in the bridal world. Well, let’s just say I’m nowhere NEAR expectations, so it looked like you could literally fit a purse and a six pack of beer in my bust. It was sad. So, needless to say, they are taking my dress in a LOT in that area.

The problem that you guys probably already know is, you need your bra so they can properly fit you in the dress. Well, the bridal shop is taking a chance, estimating what I would need taken out for me to fit in my dress. *sigh* I will find out next Friday if they did things right or even close to right.

In the meantime, I had to find a bra. It wouldn’t come easy, so I went to a local boutique in Baton Rouge that specialized in bras. Unfortunately, I did this after all of the Mardi Gras balls happened this year and MOST of the long line white bras were gone, my size included. They told me it would take 2-4 weeks to get my order in….say what? For a bra I need in a week and a half?? So, I was sneaky and stared at the tag. I remembered my size (don’t want to share that online right now) and the brand (which, by the way, is Goddess), searched online (after 2 sites were out of my size) and found the same bra! I placed my order yesterday, and I’m hoping it comes in before the 6th.


Image source

Plus sized brides, oh my gosh! This bra is FABULOUS! I usually don’t go for bras like these because I prefer padding (in case it gets cold in a room haha!). However, I know the beading on my dress and how thick the fabric is will cover up any reaction to a weather change.

I do recommend that you get professionally fitted in one of these bras though. I ended up being 4 inches bigger than my measurement, which they said is standard for a long line bra. However, if you are in the same pickle as me and need to order it last minute, here is where I found the bra. Also, this website will tell you where a retailer near you is.

I did learn a good trick about push-ups too, since I need a little push up in my dress. The lady told me to raid mom’s closet for shoulder pads and those are long enough to stick in your bra for an easy (and cheap) push-up!! 🙂

Did you hit any snafus in your dress fitting?


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  1. jhoney says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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