Honeymoon in my Hometown: N’awlins Style

New Orleans is a city full of food, culture and fun! Being from the area, I’ve seen a good bit of the city and for those of you who would want to vacation in New Orleans one day, I’d like to share my favorites with you in the form of a sample 4 day honeymoon itinerary (to make this wedding related, of course!) Let’s just say your tummy will be super happy after this trip, but there will be some walking to do!

Day 1 (arrival)

Let’s just assume you get to your hotel for 2pm at check-in time.

2:00pm Check In, Nap and Beautify yourself (I have to nap after travelling..just have to!)

5:30pm Kick off your New Orleans trip with flair and have dinner at the infamous Brennan’s Restaurant in the French Quarter. This would be a splurge of a dinner, but I promise you, it’s well worth it!! Be sure to try the Banana’s Foster…they come out and make it right in front of you! Super cool! If you love the food that much, totally purchase their cookbook as your first souvenir “Breakfast at Brennans (and Dinner too!)” or check out some of their featured recipes here as well!

Image source

8:30pm If you are looking for a night of fright (hehe!), take a New Orleans Ghost Tour.  I’ve never been on the ghost tour (not a fan of that kind of stuff), but I’ve heard wonderful things about it!

Day 2

9:00am Have breakfast at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter. Just be sure not to wear a black shirt or you will look a mess from all the powdered sugar in those beignets! Be sure to buy some mix to make beignets for yourselves at home!
Image source

10:00am Spend the morning checking out the fabulous French Market area in the French Quarter. Tons of stuff, like handmade soaps, jewelry, purses, New Orleans home decor, etc.! Also, be sure to check out the street entertainment. There are musicians, artists, and dancers all throughout the area! If you are ready, go ahead and sip a daiquiris drink while you shop! You can walk around with alcohol in New Orleans!!

12:30pm Take a walk to Crescent City Brewhouse in the Jackson Square area of the French Quarter and enjoy some local beer and a hearty lunch!

2:00pm Hop on a carriage near Jackson Square for a carriage ride tour of the French Quarter during the day!

4:00pm Stroll along the Mississippi River and enjoy some breeze. Definitely consider taking a ride on a steamboat for a mini tour of the Mississippi River! If not, take a little time to have an afternoon drink at Pat O’s! (Hey, you gotta drink in NOLA right??)


Image source

7:00pm Enjoy dinner at Mother’s Restaurant. If you like what you ate there, here are some of their recipes!

Day 3

11:00am Yes, I’d totally sleep in today. After two fun filled days of New Orleans, you need to sleep in a little. I really recommend spending the later morning/early afternoon at a relaxing (and super classy) Jazz Brunch at the infamous Commander’s Palace. This place is a little pricey too, but it’s wonderful food. It’s a three course brunch with a jazz band that walks around and plays music requests table to table. It’s so well-known that there is a special booth that the President (yep, of our country!) sits in when they visit NOLA. You will need to take a cab here, but I promise it’s worth it!! I actually went to the jazz brunch today, to celebrate Momma Ballet Flat’s, MOH Ballet Flat’s and (not to toot my horn here) MY upcoming birthday! Be sure to try the turtle soup (trust me here!)!! Here’s a couple of recipes as well, and they sell a cookbook at the restaurant!

2:30pm Check out a tour at Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World!! Definitely will need a cab from here, but it’s worth it! You will get an up close look at Mardi Gras floats, costumes, along with the history of the carnival season!


Image source

6:30pm Enjoy a more casual dinner at Port of Call in the French Quarter. This place is known for it’s awesome burgers and drinks! After this, spend the evening scoping out Bourbon Street and enjoy some fun bars, karaoke and music!!

Day 4

10:00am Today is all about uptown New Orleans. Start your day by going to the Audubon Zoo, which, in my opinion beats out the aquarium in the French Quarter.  Be on the lookout for the Roman Candy cart somewhere in the zoo!! It’s a really awesome taffy-like candy in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

3:00pm Take a walk down Magazine Street and go shopping! For an indulgent afternoon snack, be sure to stop by Sucre for some great gelato, desserts and heck, even some tasty souvenirs to bring home!

Image source

6:00pm Take a cab back to the hotel, get ready and have dinner one last time in the French Quarter at Muriel’s in Jackson Square.

This is just a sampling of what New Orleans has to offer, but based on local favorites, I thought this would help, especially if you are looking to stay in country for the honeymoon!!

N’awlin-eans, do you have anymore suggestions for fellow bees looking to honeymoon in our fine city? 🙂


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