Some surprises along the way!

There have been some things that I’m noticing in my weight loss journey that I really take for granted on a day-to-day basis. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs. so far and 9.25 inches in my body (which is SUPER cool), but besides the obvious, here are two BIG things that I’m watching change pretty quickly!

The biggest thing is my engagement ring. That sucker no longer fits. It will fly off of my finger very easily, and well, we can’t let that happen. I was thinking of just wrapping tape around the band on the palm side to make it smaller, but I discovered Ring Snuggies at Wal-Mart and I’m in LOVE!

Image source

Obviously, that’s not my ring, but you get the picture. These little temporary soft plastic inserts take in your ring a whole size and right now, even that’s a little loose on me. It’s crazy how I’ve gone down a whole ring size in a little under 20 lbs. lost so far!

Another thing I noticed was at DSW. I went shoe shopping for some new ballet flats (which I wear everyday to work…hehe). I’m usually a 9.5/10 shoe size and two different brands of shoes fit me in a size 9! I never thought my feet looked fat, but obviously, there was some blubber hiding in my feet! So weird!!

Have any of you brides noticed any surprises in your weight loss journey that weren’t scale or tape measurement related?


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