I got my BLUE!

Of course we hear it from our grandmothers and mothers that we need Something OLD, Something NEW, Something BORROWED, Something BLUE. I was thinking this would be pretty simple, because I have my great-grandmother’s rosary as my OLD, my dress as my NEW, my jewelry (hopefully) will be BORROWED but I just couldn’t think of a visible blue. I wanted it to be visible too, just so my family is like ah, there’s her blue. I had thought about dying my crinoline, a la Avocado’s post, but I was afraid of messing up a $90 (I didn’t pay for this…it was store credit in negotiations, I swear!) crinoline! So, I thought about my garter. I originally wanted an LSU garter, since that’s Mr. BF and I’s alma mater. I went online and nothing was grabbing my attention. I’m really not much of a lace fan, so I knew I’d have trouble with lacy garters.

Out of boredom, I went to Etsy and found Garter Lady. She has CUTE garters, oh my gosh and at really reasonable prices! Check out some of what she has!

I immediately thought of Mrs. Seabreeze with her purple wedding day accessories when I saw this one!


Image source

This set grabbed my eye for a second, as I could request my college in a garter form, but I thought about how I needed my something blue and passed on this type of set.

Image source

For the brides who happen to LOVE lace, she makes garters with them as well!

Image source

And finally, here is what I decided as my something BLUE!!

Image source

Another great thing? She makes plus-sized garters for no extra charge. (I think that’s a first for me!) I really didn’t think about how my thunder thighs would need a different size garter but it makes perfect sense haha!

Have you found your something blue yet? What did you choose?


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