Finding gifts for the girls…

Well, so far, I’ve had three gift ideas for my bridesmaids.

1. Jewelry set – earrings and necklace

2. Prettied up Old Navy flip flops using tons of bling!

3. A surprise gift (my bridesmaids have been known to read this blog and I do NOT want them to see this gift until the big day!)

Here’s a fourth fun idea that I found while registering for towel’s at Macy’s.

These are hand painted martini glasses, and I find while there are these gifts that are wedding related, I wanted to give the girls something for them to relate to and place on their desks at work or home with pride!

I’d rather not show the exact ones I will be giving (yet), but rather, I noticed Lolita has made a few fellow Bee martini glasses. I’m sure it’s not because of Weddingbee, but hey, it’s still kind of neat to see these!

Image source

Image source

Image source

As for me, I could totally see myself settling (not really) with this super cute wedding glass!

Image source

Have you gotten your girls anything that wasn’t wedding related for a gift?


2 Responses to Finding gifts for the girls…

  1. ----HAYATCEMRESİ---- says:

    very beautiful hotel,wonderful!

  2. I love the Lolita glasses! I gave my sister the weddingtini when she got engaged and she bought me the same when I did. She collects them and has a ton!

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