The Wedding Night’s Price Tag

Mr. Ballet Flat and I will be honeymooning in Orlando. For the majority of the honeymoon, we decided to stay in a vacation home.

Since we are road tripping it to Orlando, which is a good 8-9 hours away from New Orleans, we definitely wanted to rest up the night of our wedding so we can hit the road well-rested the next morning. We were originally looking at hotels in Biloxi, Mississippi, because it’s not too far from New Orleans at all and would shave an hour or so off the travel time for us the next day. Plus, their casino hotels, for the most part, are pretty nice. The problem? These hotels wanted upwards of $400/night, and that’s a little over the budget for us.

So, we decided to try Priceline to bid on a nice 4 star hotel. We have used Priceline for mini vacations that we have taken before and have been really satisfied with the hotels.

Priceline is really easy to use. You just name your city and date, then click on the type of hotel you want (1,2,3,4 star), choose the area of the city you want to stay in, name your price and let Priceline do the work. The only risk is you are obligating yourself to whatever hotel takes your bid, so it can be a shot in the dark. However, if you choose a higher star hotel, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about since those are known as nicer hotels.

For us, no 4-star hotels were available in Biloxi, so we decided on New Orleans to start our bidding war. Mr. Ballet Flat put in a bid of $50 on our wedding night, and we lucked out! Someone accepted our bid!!

The Renaissance Arts Hotel in New Orleans.

Image source

Check out this hotel room!

Image source

The only stinky thing is we have to pay for parking, but that’s ok by us! We are still well under $100 for the night, which is a huge savings in our opinion!

Have you discovered any money saving websites for your honeymoon?


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