Hobby Lobby is my new friend!

I have been constantly thinking about the ring bearer’s pillow for the ceremony. They are so pricey in my opinion at stores and also on Etsy. I was starting to lose hope, and was thinking the impossible: DIY. I say impossible, because I haven’t sewn a day in my life on a machine. I love DIY but I wasn’t about to take on a brand new craft two months before the wedding!!

Last night, I went to Hobby Lobby to get another scrapbooking marker for our DIY invites, which will be sent out MONDAY! Really excited about that! I was walking towards the scrapbooking and saw a HUGE 50% off ALL bridal items. So, of course, being the thrifty girl I am (remember me loving clearances?) I checked it out.

By the way, this looks to be a nation-wide Hobby Lobby sale until Saturday, as seen in the ad here. Also, here’s a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon if you wanted to get something extra for the crafty person in you!

Anyway, after looking around the two aisles, I found a ring bearer pillow! It looks very similar to this, except the ribbon is satin!


Image source

The price? $19.99 $9.99!!!!

Also, I’ve been wanting to DIY an LSU colored wire beaded cake server set, like this one here.

Image source

I found one in a local cooking store, but the set was $80. I thought that I could totally DIY that for less, and of course, Hobby Lobby had a plain server set for $9.99 $5! I can’t wait to figure this little craft out! 🙂

Have you found any great sales lately for your wedding?


One Response to Hobby Lobby is my new friend!

  1. Teresa says:

    I also plan on doing this craft! We don’t have hobby lobby around here so probably Micheals or Joann fabrics for me….oh and here is a photo of beaded serves at julies practical arts….she sells her’s for $80.

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