Spring melts the stress away!

This past weekend, I was planning on finishing the invitations. However, on Saturday, I woke up to a beautiful Spring day in Louisiana. The weather was perfect, and I just wanted to be outside. Mr. Ballet Flat and his parents planned on painting the house, and my task was to landscape! It was a great, much needed break away from the stress of wedding planning. It felt like a normal, married-life, type of day!

Just a little information about myself as a child. I used to hate gardening, but my mom is a horticulturist. Mom and Dad Ballet Flat would take all four Ballet Flat children to the local nursery and make a date day out of it. If you’re from Louisiana, you have to realize just how MISERABLE this is. Humidity + boring flowers…I mean, blah to nursery days! It made me HATE anything garden related! Now that I’m an older Ballet Flat, I have an appreciation for a nice garden. Weird how things change, right?

Anyway, I started at Lowe’s with my $10 off $50 coupon handy, and bought some herbs, potting mix and begonias. After four hours of work, here is our front yard!! You can see the hydrangea totally waking up and loving the Spring season!



And here is our new herb collection (along with some other potted plants).


I’m happy about my productive, stress-free day. It felt good to just get a break away from the Gocco and hand-writing. 🙂

What have you done when the planning gets rough?


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