Daring or sweet?

I have been having the hardest time settling on a look for the wedding. I do know that I want to copycat a Carrie Underwood look, because I’m always drooling at her makeup for every appearance/performance she has.

So, here’s the dilemma. Should I be the bold, daring bride sporting a smokey eye look or should I be the sweet, simple bride sporting a more neutral eye? Either way, I want neutral lips because I never really look good with lip color and I don’t want to be busy re-applying lip gloss all day!

Look #1


Image source


Image source (Ignore the reddish lips…I want a more neutral color.)


Look #2


Image source


Image source

To help, here’s a pretty recent picture of myself with barely any make-up on! Just ignore the caterpillar eyebrows and the eyeglasses! (I wear contact lenses now!!)


So hive, what do you think? 🙂


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