My hostesses are the mostest!

My fabulous aunt and MOH (Mizz K) volunteered to host a bridal shower for me in a couple of weekends. There were a few date snafus, since they are both busy bees (pun intended) in their own lives, but with the date sealed and addresses finalized, the shower is on! I’m super excited about this, because there are some people I haven’t seen in forever that I can’t wait to hang out with for a few hours!

To thank my hostesses, I am giving them a few simple little gifts. Surely no gift can show them how much I appreciate them doing this for me, but it’s a start. 🙂

I purchased a few handmade soaps from The Anderson Soap Company on Etsy. While I haven’t used the products, the reviews are great and the scents are awesome as well!


Image source

I will also get candles from Amy’s Country Candles, a local chain in Louisiana. I like to support this local company, because the people there are so nice and the candles just smell crazy amazing! I’m going to get a little girly and buy the ones they carry in a wine glass. I think it will be ultra chic, no?


Image source

And finally, I will go all foodie and make them a cupcake pop bouquet. Bakerella has made these cute pops famous (they’ve been featured on MARTHA!). She has two versions, but I’m going with the easier (made with a mold) version. The instructions for those are here, but if you’re feeling ultra ambitious, here’s the more difficult version.


Image source

What are you doing for your shower hostess(es)?


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