My personal curse..


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I was very hesitant to post this out of sheer embarrassment (please don’t flame me!). I’m really ashamed to say that I’m back to 251 lbs. I was in the 240s, full steam ahead, and I just slowly stopped caring about weight loss. I’m still 13 lbs. down, but it hurts to read that scale in the morning with the weight I currently am. I think I have a curse in my head, because I’ve teetered around the 250s/260s and I want so badly to teeter in the 230s/240s!

I could blame birthday season, ice cream or the stress of planning, but I blame myself and my dwindling willpower. I still workout 2 times a week, but I used to work out 4-5 times a week.

I am starting back up with a brand new food journal now, and am devoting myself to food logging everyday. I just want to see the 230s on our big day, and I want to feel like I accomplished something. Right now I feel like (even though I’ve lost 13 lbs.) a tub of laziness.

Have you ever slacked on a goal but got back on track? How did you do it?


One Response to My personal curse..

  1. Amber says:

    Well I already posted about my weight issues today. I will honestly say that once I start falling off the wagon I have a very hard time getting back up. Hence my current predicament.

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