DIY Bedazzly Flip Flops

Don’t make fun of me….just something about a little hint of bling makes me super happy. Heck, when I was a kid, I wanted a bedazzler SO incredibly bad. My mom was smart not to get it for me. I probably would have blinged up my school uniform!!

Now, I’m going to bling up my bridesmaids in a way they NEVER thought they would be blinged up. Yes folks, I blinged out some Old Navy flip flops for them! I wasn’t about to give them a plain pair of flip flops to relax their dancing feet!



* Clear elastic beading string
* Scissors
* Assorted beads (I used a mix of leftover swarovskis & pearls from making my BM’s necklaces and earrings, as well as a cheaper mix of clear and brown beads)
* Hot glue & Hot Glue gun
* Cute ribbon to tie them together for presentation 🙂

First, cut a 2 foot piece of elastic string. Tie a double knot around the bottom left part of the flip flop strap. Cut off the excess on the end.

Wind the string around the strap two times. Start adding beads. I did this in a pattern of 2-3 beads to a row with 9 rows of beads on each side of the strap. Here’s a close-up of what I did for a few rows of beads.
One important thing that will help here, is you need to keep a gentle tension with the elastic so the beads stay in place while you are stringing them, so it can get tricky. You can see above, I held the tension with one hand and stringed beads on with the other.

When one side is done, just continue the pattern on the other side of the strap. When you are finished, tie another double knot on the elastic. Cut the excess string.

This next step is optional, but I like to absolutely know that the knots in the elastic will stay. I added a bit of hot glue and spread it evenly over the knot to make the elastic knot stay in place (in case dancing gets a little crazy).

And there you go, a bedazzled flip flop!

Have you come up with any DIY projects that seem out of the ordinary?


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