Boy, did I get showered!

My aunt and Mizz K TOTALLY went above and beyond what any bride would expect for a shower! About 20 people from mine and Mr. Ballet Flat’s family showed up on Saturday to celebrate the upcoming wedding! It was fabulous!

Mizz K pinning on a pretty rose corsage! I feel special! 🙂 The fun is about to begin!! 🙂

Here are Miss R, Mizz K (my two sisters) and I. Miss J and Miss K couldn’t make it to the shower, but I saved them these killer favors below!

Wow, my aunt is totally channeling Martha here!! Look at those straight pretty bows! I’m jealous, because I can’t make straight pretty bows. She even made these in the wedding colors! SO cute!

Hilariously, I lost 2 lbs. this week/weekend after attacking this table of food. This spread was unbelievable! So much food…so little time! 🙂 I’m sad I didn’t get a close-up of the pretty pink napkins. They said ” (Miss Ballet Flat’s) Bridal Shower April 18, 2009″. Needless to say, I took all of these home! The little details made me SO happy!

After about an hour or so of just talking, introducing everyone and chowing down until my happy little tummy told me NO MORE, it was time to open gifts. 🙂 Everyone was so generous, and surprisingly, I didn’t turn too red from people staring at me opening presents. I’m easily embarrassed when I’m the center of attention. 🙂

I did notice another detail. The bows! Wow! I have never seen such pretty bows! I even told my family, wow, where did you find these? Of course Momma BF butted in and mentioned that these weren’t the normal Wal-Mart and Target ones I buy! LOL!! 🙂

Miss R caught me adoring of a bow! LOL…I look ridiculous!

After opening a bunch of great gifts from our registry (I don’t want to hound you with pictures of everything!), little did I know that Momma BF, G-ma BF and Mizz K had a little theme going on for their gifts. They know I love Martha Stewart blue (you know, that Aqua at Macy’s), so they really went all out!
This has to be every aqua kitchen tool they make! Wow!! Thank you Mizz K!

Might I say HOW excited I am to have a blender? Not just any blender, a Martha blue blender? I had an old cheap one from college, but somehow the blender glass disappeared and I never found a replacement. These will make some killer margaritas healthy smoothies!

And finally, here is the gift that *almost* made me cry.
G-ma Ballet Flat got me a Martha KA mixer! Yes, I know…I almost cried over a mixer. You don’t understand how much I want to bake right now. However, I will wait like a good bride and open this after the honeymoon.

By the time the party was over, 2.5 hours had gone by! The shower really flew and it made me think, wow, our wedding reception is 3 hours. Feels like a long time, but I’m sure that will fly just as fast, if not faster!!

I was pretty ambitious and started writing Thank You notes last night. I have no idea how a note can show how thankful Mr. Ballet Flat and I are, but I hope the notes of appreciation do come close.

Were you blown away at your bridal shower?


2 Responses to Boy, did I get showered!

  1. Patti says:

    Your shower looked awesome. I looove my Kitchen Aid. Good luck waiting until after the honeymoon to crack it open!

  2. Marcie says:

    I love LOVE all the pretty blue matching kitchen supplies! How flippin’ cute! Your shower looked so pretty and well planned :o)

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