Oh Mickey, you’re so fine!


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No, I’m not cheating on Mr. Ballet Flat. I promise! 🙂

I’m just extremely excited about our honeymoon to Orlando, FL. Last time I went to Disney World, I teared up on the ferry when I saw Cinderella’s Castle. Yes, I’m a Disney FREAK! I’m sure I’ll bawl again behind my obnoxiously huge sunglasses.

Disney World is not one of those honeymoons where you just relax all day. Disney World involves serious walking (up to 5+ miles a day), pretty good strategy and the fun part, being a kid all over again! We wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

I’ve been avidly researching Disney World tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of our trip. One of the best resources I’ve come across is a book called “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World”.


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This book reviews all of the restaurants on Disney property, gives you an idea of what rides are usually most crowded (i.e. Go early, go during parades or use the FASTPASS), shows you ways to stay on budget (Wahoo!) and so so much more!

I also have gone to Disney forums on the Internet. One of my favorites is DIS Boards. I really like reading about people’s trips (with their personal tips), and being a foodie, I found a board dedicated to posting Disney food pictures. This gave me a better idea of what restaurants would be more Mr. BF and I’s style. There are also members who post about what you should bring to Disney to be better prepared for the walk, which is SUPER helpful.

I will admit, I am buying a few new things for Disney World. First, a new purse. I usually carry an over the shoulder bag, but for Disney, I really don’t want to worry about holding a purse all day.  I’m not buying a fanny pack (don’t worry!), like I once wore to Disney when I was a little kid (I wanted to be like Momma BF!), but I found a cute, stylish little purse that will serve me well. I purchased my very first Vera Bradley purse, which goes across the shoulder. I love the colors in this designer’s fabrics, but my usual problem is that they are FAR too pricey for me to justify purchasing one. However, I lucked out. Vera Bradley was retiring a few colors and I happened to fall in love with Peacock (it has teal in it, after all). The great thing about purchasing a retired bag is that they are on MASSIVE clearance. What should have been $45 is now $16, and I found an online code for 20% off as well!! SCORE!

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Another thing I was worried about is that I love Splash Mountain and similar water rides. I know in that case I don’t want to wear soggy tennis shoes, so I read that Crocs flip flops are the way to go, sometimes even more comfy than tennis shoes. So, I’m definitely breaking these bad boys in for the walk. And they are cute Crocs to boot!

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And of course, what’s a honeymooning Disney girl to do without her ears? Yes, I’m a total geek, but I’m buying these when we get to Disney! I’m hoping Mr. BF will follow suit and wear the groom ears!  An added bonus? Usually Cast Members (what Disney employees are called) give you freebies at restaurants when they see these ears, and free stuff ROCKS!

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Have you made any purchases just for your honeymoon trip?


One Response to Oh Mickey, you’re so fine!

  1. Jenny says:

    If you haven’t found it already, http://www.allears.net is a great resource for Disney World too!!! They even have updated menus for all of the restaurants! I love planning what I’m going to eat ahead of time. 🙂

    The Passporter books are excellent too!

    Oh, how exciting, I love planning trips. 🙂

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