Wow! Can you believe it’s almost MAY? I remember March 2008 so vividly. Ever since my engagement ring was placed on my finger, Mr. BF and I have been planning for our big day to happen!

This past weekend, I met my amazing photographer, Amanda Meyer,  at City Park in New Orleans, where we took my bridal pictures.  This made me thankful for our indoor wedding, because I will not need to dodge large caterpillars, nor will I need to pick out random leaves out of my crinoline.

I do need to mention that I had a snag that morning. I tore my right contact lens with NO extras at my parents’  home, so I decided that I would just take the bridals without glasses, trying my best to focus on the camera. I’m pretty blind without my contacts, so this made for an interesting day. I spent the day (except for the picture taking) in my glasses. I usually wouldn’t care, but because I got those little nose marks from the pads on my glasses, I would constantly have to reblend my make-up in that area to make sure it wasn’t really noticable.

I had my hair/makeup trials done that morning by Get Polished, and ladies, let me tell you that airbrush make-up is worth every penny. I had it applied at 11am Saturday morning and late that night, it was still mostly on! Amazing for my oily face! 🙂

Here’s my face with the wedding make-up and my curly hair-do.


Not sure if you can really see here, but my eyeshadow is fairly smokey, and I have false eyelashes on. New experience right there. They felt weird for about 30 minutes, then I got used to those little enhancements!

Oh false eyelashes, how I adore thee. I’m a natural dirty blonde, so by nature, I have very little eyelashes. Mr. BF, however, has the best eyelashes ever. I hope our future kids get his eyelashes….seriously!

You can also see a side view of the hair. This picture made me realize just how much I need to get my hair re-highlighted. 🙂

After my primping, I went to Clinique to get some retouch lip color that the make-up artist used on me. I know I wanted to eat lunch, so I’d need to re-apply. As an added bonus, I think I might like the lip color for everyday use. It’s a little bit of color, but it’s not too bold for me. Just in case you wanted to know, I’m wearing “Baby Baby” in their Buttershine lipstick line.

After getting weird stares at the mall, ( I can’t imagine why 😉 ) I went to my florist to get a bouquet she made for the bridals. How GORGEOUS is this? My actual bouquet will be a little bigger with coral roses instead of pink.


This day became one of those crazy moments where it really sunk in. I am about to be a bride! 🙂

When did it hit you that you are/were about to be a bride?


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