Thanks for the memories!

One of the biggest things about a wedding are the memories. My photographer told me she is going to take hundreds of pictures of the big day. Hundreds? I don’t think I have a Facebook album from an event with hundreds of pictures! Heck, in my college days, I thought I took too many pictures…this just takes the cake (in a good way)!

Well, since I’ve heard from so many former brides that the day just flies by and you don’t really see it all, I decided we should ask for more perspectives from our guests.

So, Mr. BF and I were on the look-out for the infamous disposable cameras. We didn’t care if they said wedding on them, because we are going to have cards on the table explaining what they are for anyway!

So, in our adventures to Target, we found a bunch on clearance for half off. Even better, they are good for action shots. I know our families will be going nuts on the dance floor, so this will be great to capture those random moments (just in case my photographer has too much to capture on her never know with my family, trust me!).

I decided to pretty them up with some invitation scrap paper and pretty ribbon I found at Michael’s. I also Gocco’ed on some Martha Stewart teal-ish looking “recipe cards”. They will make great cards on the table, in my opinion, and were on clearance for $1! SCORE!


Here’s a picture of the two put together. It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but there is small ribbon tied on the side for people to hold on their wrists, if they want. I thought it was a cute touch, since the cameras already had the holes in the side for it!


Oh wait! I’m not done. I stole this idea from Mrs. Cream Puff. I decided to make a Flickr account for our guests to share photos from their digital cameras. And like so many bees, I decided to make Moo minicards to give guests the message. I put our engagement pictures on the cards, with the message about the Flickr account on the other side. These cards are super cute! I love how they came out!!


To make it budget friendly, I found a code online for 20% off. I’m not sure if it’s valid anymore, but if you google “moo cards coupon code”, you might get lucky!

Are you asking your guests to share some of the memories they captured of your big day?


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