A little help from the PoPo!

I know as I have been planning our wedding, I’ve been thinking of some ideas that make travelling for our guests easier. I made a map to help guests find the ceremony venue, and then I thought, well, I can include a map to get to the reception as well at the church. Then, as I was driving the interstate into the city one Saturday, and it hit me…TRAFFIC!

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I totally forgot that the interstate is having some construction done, thus the reason for the traffic. It took me almost 45 minutes for me to get from Point A to Point B, which usually takes me 20 minutes. I immediately thought of our wedding. This was about the same time as the wedding would take place, and I really didn’t want our guests to deal with traffic! Especially the out of towners, who do not know some alternate routes to take to get there.

So, I called my parish’s sheriff office to talk to a deputy about obtaining a police escort. (Louisiana is special..parish = county.) The guy was very friendly and told us that two deputy’s would be there at the end of our ceremony to escort all of our guests to the reception site (about a 25 minute drive away). Yes, there is a cost: $200. However, I thought, if our guests miss a half hour of our reception, that would equate to a greater monetary loss, not to mention, traffic can make people very irritable, and I really do not want that for our guests! So, to us, the convenience is well worth it! Plus, I think everyone will feel super important with police bringing them to our reception!

Have you considered police escorts for your wedding guests to get to your reception venue?


One Response to A little help from the PoPo!

  1. Marianne says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this idea! What a smart solution, and extra points for just being *awesome*.

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