Making it Naturally N’awlins!

When I first started blogging on Weddingbee, I mentioned a few New Orleans traditions that I wanted to bring to the wedding. Well, I kept to my word! These are a couple of last minute DIY projects that I think will add some fun to the party!

For our second line dance, I decided to save a little money and glam up our umbrellas myself. They are pretty pricey for someone else to do them, and it’s amazing what some hot glue and a little bit of feathers can do! I’m pretty sure I’m leaving them as is, but who knows, I might add some sparkle and more flair to them later!


I found these white and black umbrellas at Accent Annex, which is a pretty popular Mardi Gras throws store in the New Orleans area. They were a steal for $4 vs. the $30+ completed umbrellas at local bridal shops! I also purchased white and black boas to glue to the edge of the umbrellas with hot glue. At the most, this project took me 15 minutes. Easy peasy!



Mr. Ballet Flat had a problem with the boa on his at first, but I mentioned that this was just for 3-4 minutes and it’s New Orleans…just let it happen! 😀

Doesn’t this make you want to dance? 🙂

Another New Orleans tradition is the cake pulls. Of course, I could have just bought a set, but why not make it even MORE New Orleans. So, I went uptown on Magazine Street (a popular shopping district in New Orleans) and bought New Orleans charms at the Bead Shop (they do not have a website to order from, sorry!)

Check out my stash!


Since my charms were unique, that would mean there were NO meanings for them whatsoever. So, I improvised with meanings I found on the internet. (Who really knows what the charms are supposed to mean anyway?)

Steamboat – life of adventure and travel
Mardi Gras Mask – life of mystery and spontaneity
Fleur de Lis – prosperity and wealth
Party Girl in Glass
– life of the party
Crawfish– red hot romance
Bride & Groom – next to wed
Saxophone – life of harmony
Tiger (think LSU, not New Orleans) – strength and triumph
Streetcar – desire and passion
Drunk Guy on a Light Pole – loves a fun night life

I basically took these charms and put a jump ring on them myself. Then, I strung some satin thin ribbon on them. The total cost for 10 cake pulls? About $15. Not too shabby, right?

How are you incorporating your hometown traditions in your wedding?


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