There are reasons not to procrastinate!!

While 95% of the planning is done, I still have a few things left to do. I felt like those are manageable to take care of in the time we have left until the big day. So, I thought no big deal.

That is,  until a little surprise arrived on Sunday.

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Yep, I have a nice case of a cold. To note, I hardly EVER get sick. Maybe once every two years and when I do, I get REALLY sick. So, I’m being extra cautious in making sure I get over this really quickly. I basically raided Target with my sniffly, sneezy self and bought the basics (in my experience, this will kick a cold’s booty in a couple of days!).

  1. Vitamin C pills
  2. Tylenol Cold
  3. Mucinex
  4. Kleenex (with lotion)
  5. Chloraseptic
  6. Popsicles, OJ and Gatorade

I will admit, yesterday was the worst with the sore throat and the whole feeling out of it bit. Now, I’m still sniffly, sneezy but minus the sore throat and I do feel like I’m all here. I’m assuming my cocktail of the basics is helping right now, but I can’t ever be too sure. So, I’m still eating Vitamin C pills like candy and religiously taking my meds.

I will say right now I’m slapping myself for putting off a few projects that I should have done last week. Mainly, getting the marriage license. :\

Are you worried about getting sick before your big day?


One Response to There are reasons not to procrastinate!!

  1. violarulz says:

    try taking a really long, hot shower. That always helps me feel better.

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