Registry Swag!

I would like to admit that registries give me a headache. Mr. Ballet Flat and I registered a few months ago for the basics: flatware, blender, crockpot, As Seen on TV detox foot pads. You get the idea. There was another temptation that was unexpected: FREE stuff!!

Yes, free stuff. You can get stuff for registering a good chunk  of merchandise on one brand and even more stuff for people actually purchasing you all of those things. It was tempting to go in there as Jo Blo and Anna Banana and just register for obscene things for free stuff, but we didn’t. (Yes, I know that’s completely wrong to do…it was just a funny, innocent thought!)

This past weekend, however, as Mr. BF and I were adding a couple more registry items (we realized we need curtains!), Target gave us a book with mainly advertisements for the expensive stuff that they want you to register for. Pfft….I try to avoid such books because it tempts me to want things that we really do not need.

I flipped through it, however, because Mr. BF was clearance shopping for electronics (ah fun!) and I am currently trying to save souvenir money for Mickey instead. I noticed a bookmark in the middle of it and what was it? None other than a $20 coupon code for Shutterfly! Wow, and we didn’t have to register for $500 worth of Mikasa? SWEET! (No offense to you Mikasa lovers. I’m just too klutzy for breakables!)

I don’t know why I was so excited about this, but I love free stuff! In fact, I get all giddy over free samples on the Internet. Simply because it’s free!

Have you gotten all giddy over the perks of registering?


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