This is hard to get over..

You know how we all have a list of things that went wrong on the big day?  I know I focused on it a good bit during the honeymoon, but you think, ok, get over it. You are married now!

One of the things that went wrong is really hard to get over for me. My “something old” wasn’t there on our big day. It was my great-grandmother’s rosary and, like many Catholic brides, had planned on having it weaved somehow in the bouquet. So, two weeks before, my maid of honor, Miss K, drives it over to my florist and drops it off.

Wedding day comes and she drops off our beautiful bouquets.

–interrupts story–

Photo of flowers taken by Mizz K. Aren’t they lovely?

–back to the story —

I’m still getting beautified by the miracle workers that are hair & make-up artists, so I just thank my florist so she can run to the church.

Ten minutes before I’m getting ready to climb in the limo, we each take our bouquets. They are breath-taking, gorgeous, wait…..where is my rosary?

It’s not there, so we look through the box in a panic. Nope. So, Miss K calls the florist. The florist immediately recognized her mistake — it was placed in another bride’s bouquet (who is currently on her honeymoon). So, I did not have my rosary on the wedding day.

It didn’t hit me as a big deal at first. I was so excited about getting married, but looking back on it, it is getting harder and harder to get over.

Thankfully, that bride didn’t throw it away or anything. I guess she thought it was something the florist threw in for her Catholic brides, so it needed to be returned? I’m also REALLY thankful that she didn’t throw away the original blue velvet box it came in.  We just got the blue velvet box back yesterday, along with the rosary, which my mom received separately while we were honeymooning.

I’m sure this sounds pathetic to some, but I guess it’s just that the thought of losing it (not to mention, not having it on the wedding day)  hurt SO many of my family members. I blame myself, because I trusted someone with a very important heirloom, where I could have just weaved it in myself on the wedding day. I guess that’s why it’s also so hard to get over.

Did you have something that happened on your wedding day that you are having trouble getting over?


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