Our NOLA Nuptials: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

And so begins the festivities before becoming a Mrs.! After all the planning, it was time to pack everything up and drive to NOLA to let the good times roll!

After my last day at work, Miss K drove all the way down from Dallas to meet me to caravan to my parent’s house together. Traffic was not our friend at all, but at least we had Starbucks to help ease the pain.

We arrived at my parents’ house a little later than Mizz K expected, but she stole Miss K away from me and off to the hotel they went to decorate before the party began!

The party started out with a yummalicious hibachi dinner in Metairie (city right outside of NOLA). I drove Miss R there with me to enjoy the dinner, but sadly afterwards, due to her young age, I dropped her off right after since the later festivities involved the necessity of being 18 or older. (Sorry Miss R!)

When we met Mizz K and Miss K, they decided it was time to decorate me as the bachelorette. Hehe.. I was so giddy with all the pink decorations! I was thankful for the lack of boy parts on my outfit. 🙂

(all photos taken by Mizz K and Miss K)


Here’s Mizz K and Miss R with me while we are all waiting for our table! Sisters-sisters!


So, we get to our table and of course, we had to take a picture. Mizz K is taking the picture, but you can see Miss K in the picture, along with 3 of my dearest college friends! Hello ladies!


Our hibachi server was awesome. He was pretty quiet most of the time, despite our weird girl talk,  and surprised all of us by making our rice into two hearts. Right here, he took the spatula under the rice and tipped it up slightly in a rhythm that resembled a beating heart! So cute!


Then, he decided to have a little fun. This is the part of the hibachi I am always most afraid of – when they cut up shrimp and toss it in your mouth. I never catch it, but it seems like when I’m wearing certain tops, the ladies always do. 😉

This picture just looks all sorts of weird, but what can I say, I’m an intense competitor. Did I catch it? After the second attempt, you BET I did!


After our bellies were full of yummy dinner, we split up to get to the hotel that Mizz K arranged for. It was a fun musical cars trip, since I had to drop off Miss R at our Grandma’s since she’s only 16. (No worries, I’m sure they bonded over a Golden Girls marathon!) Then, me and a couple of friends ventured off to the hotel on Bourbon Street!!

Back story: This Ballet Flat was a Bourbon Street virgin prior to the bachelorette party! Yes, I’m from NOLA but the urban legends scared the bejesus out of me!

So, we get there and Mizz K screams at me to close my eyes! I enter and here is my initial reaction….they went ALL out!


Colorful pretty M&M’s, Bachelorette mints, Bachelorette cups, an adult beverage..


Bachelorette paper goods, party shot glasses, Mom’s funfetti cupcakes and a framed bachelorette invitation with my veil to wear for the evening!

picture 7

It was a cute set-up! Mizz K, Miss K and another friend really went all out for me!

To start the festivities right, we decided to open a little bubbly and open gifts. Might I say, bubbly opening is scary! I don’t like sudden loud noises and everytime Mizz K opened a bottle, I would jump out of my seat. It was funny! I look a little too excited/about to be embarrassed at this point.


As I opened the gifts, Mizz K would hang them on the TV stand  to make a pretty married girl lingerie display. I was floored with the amount of stuff I received!


After the gifts were opened, Mizz K handed out a Bachelorette scavenger hunt for us to do while on Bourbon Street. The checklist consisted of telling guys “Hi Sexy!” to getting piggyback rides from guys…oh boy, the list was nuts! I knew I wouldn’t win, but I knew for sure that I would be entertained through the night (and trust me, I was!)


Here it is….proof that Miss BF was indeed on Bourbon Street!


We decided to start our night off at Pat O’ Briens in the dueling piano bar! We all had hurricanes and sang along to random music! 🙂


After we got tired of that, we went to do my favorite thing: KARAOKE!

One of the songs that my college friends, and I have fond fond memories of is “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas. So, we went up there and did it! So much fun, but my voice was still kind of sore, because I was recovering from a sinus infection. 😦


However, Mizz K wasn’t going to let that get her down. Oh no…she did some karaoke of her own and she was INTENSE!


When it was about 2am, I decided to be an old lady and ask if we could go back to the hotel. After all, me and the BMs had mani/pedi appointments the next morning! Man, 2 years ago in college, 2 am was my PRIME time to be awake….such a shame. Check out the tired face…I feel old!


Here’s an entertaining/kind of gross story for y’all. When one of my friends was walking back to the hotel, a guy knocked her cell phone out of her hand and the battery fell in a street drain. Only in New Orleans will you find 3 gentlemen helpful enough to retrieve that battery back for you…good ol’ Southern hospitality at it’s finest! (Thank you random guys!)

Here they are in action…those drain things are HEAVY! And yes, who knows how old those Mardi Gras beads are in there. Eww…


We all went to bed, and woke up the next morning to do some clean-up duty in the room since there was SO much stuff.

Our hotel room was so humid, that when it came time to put the M&Ms in a bag, they were stuck in the glass shape hehe! Gotta love Louisiana!


All in all, I had a GREAT time with the gals. Bourbon Street isn’t as bad as the urban legends make it seem (at least during non-Mardi Gras season!). It was great to catch up with friends  (and my sisters) before the wedding and TOTALLY let loose!

Did you go somewhere new and exciting for your bachelorette party?

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