Our NOLA Nuptials: Practice Makes Perfect

After a girls night out, it was time to get down to business! I was nervous about the rehearsal, because, well, you practice this once and I didn’t want to be the bride who messed it up!

The evening, once again, had traffic issues. There was a bad accident on the Interstate so all of Mr. BF’s side didn’t make it to the church on time. I wasn’t nervous that Mr. BF was bailing on me, but I was worried that we were keeping the priest too long.

Also, here is my stupid bride moment…I never communicated to everyone the actual rehearsal time. I just figured everyone kind of knew…ugh. I thought all of the information was listed on the invite (which MIL graciously made, but I didn’t proofread close enough), so a couple of people didn’t make it to the actual rehearsal, just the dinner. In fact, Brother BF pulled up in our driveway right before we left for the church with Subway in hand (yep, he was gonna eat dinner with us afterwards, too….ah, boys!)..so brides, do not forget to mention the time of the ACTUAL rehearsal. Whoopsie!

So, after Mr. BF and his family showed up, it was time to get the show on the road. The priest first gave us a run-down verbally of what would happen and then we practiced it. Here we are at the altar with Mizz K and Best Man BF (who is Mr. BF’s brother).

Note the heels…those are some sassy shoes for me, but yes, those did NOT stay on my feet the whole evening. I ended up stopping home to put on my black ballet flats on the way to the actual dinner. Owweee!


After all was said and done, we decided to fill out our marriage license so we wouldn’t have to deal with all those papers at the ceremony. Mr. BF looks weary to be signing his life away ;).


I have to brag on Mizz K. Check out the killer ribbon bouquet she made for me. Ignore her silly drama face. She does that sometimes. 🙂


After changing into my ballet flats, we headed out to our dinner. I’m a little too excited about the food!


However, we were a little let down. Our rehearsal dinner coordinator was switched on us a week before the dinner, and the new coordinator really didn’t follow our contract. A lot of the food ended up being a few pieces of meat and TONS of carbs. Not cool….at all. Noodles and mashed potatoes with salad was the majority of my dinner. 😦 Brother BF shares my sentiment.


When everyone was finishing up their dinners, I decided to walk around and socialize since my feet were rather comfy and people looked pretty excited. Here’s me and Mizz K.


After a while, I decided to sit down and behave since it was time to give the toasts. I also promised myself no ugly cry face, so I took in the toasts with tons of happiness and no tears! Here’s Mizz K giving her toast. 🙂


After everyone gave their toasts, Mr. BF said it was our turn. *Gulp*

Mr. BF did a great job, and I can’t remember how I did. All I kept thinking was maybe I should have gulped more champagne to calm my nerves.


After everyone was good and champagned, Mr. BF and I decided to present our bridal party with gifts.

I ended up giving my girls their jewelry, bedazzled flip flops, and fleur de lis note cards (made with Gocco and colorful Paper Source materials), which you can see in Mizz K’s picture below (the cards are on her lap). She was very touched by the gifts and says she still wears the jewelry to this day (and gets compliments…woo! Go me!).


My bridesmaids loved the gifts too!


After that, the desserts were brought out. Oh boy, there was no shortage on those. You better believe I attacked dessert. Momma BF and I shared a cheesecake napoleon slice (cheesecake layer in the middle of shortcake). Nom!

Now you know after dessert we were more than willing to pose for pictures. Here I am with Miss R, Mizz K, Miss J and Miss K. 🙂


And here are the beautiful ladies of the BF family.


As you can see, there was a good time to be had by all. After all the desserts were attacked, it was time to head home. After all, there was a big day coming up….and it was going to start early!

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Stay tuned! I got a big day to tell you all about!


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