Our NOLA Nuptials: It was all a blur..

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since our big day. I’m sure you are all thinking, dang Ballet Flat, it’s about TIME you give us some wedding action! I’m here to (finally) happily share with you our wedding day.

First off, our wedding day for me was a blur. When we got to our hotel, I even asked Mr. BF,  “What just happened?” I just couldn’t remember much because it just happened so fast. All that I remembered at the time was this huge burst of wonderful emotions and thoughts.

It was after viewing pictures, however, that I finally could separate and distinctly remember every wonderful moment. Here are a few of my favorites in pictures.

All pictures taken by Amanda Meyer Photography unless otherwise listed.

I felt butterflies.

Image taken by Mizz K.

I felt famous (at least in my neighborhood).

Another image by Mizz K.

I didn’t trip.

I laughed off mistakes.

I forgot all about my diet.

I got shy in front of my husband.

And my favorite of all?

I felt my knees buckle.

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Stay tuned…the morning was truly transforming and…… I might have lied to my husband on our wedding day. 😉


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