Our NOLA Nuptials: Poof, Spray and a Lie…

The day started for us at 7:45am. As always, I snoozed my alarm a few times and finally rolled out of bed. Yes, folks, I slept pretty darn soundly the night before our big day! This Ballet Flat was tired and sleep is always welcome!

The hair/make-up people were scheduled to show up at 8:30, so it was no rush to brush my teeth and tie my hair back. 🙂 Ahh…so convenient to have them come to my parents’ house!

Momma Ballet Flat was already awake scrambling eggs (scramble bambles as we always call them!) and taking orders haha! No, my mom isn’t my personal cook, but she knew I probably would forget to eat and likes to constantly inform her children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 🙂

Hilariously, Daddy Ballet Flat woke up and started mowing the lawn. I guess the Ballet Flat household needs pretty, cut grass on such an important day. 🙂

As soon as they showed up, they were ready to transform our crazy, just woke up selves into, well, some hotties! Check out that hot make-up job on Miss K and as for me? I’m probably scarfing down scramble bambles at this moment…I don’t even have my button down shirt on yet! 🙂

Image courtesy of Miss K

Now, allow me to explain the poof and spray of wedding day beauty. We did some things out of the ordinary here. Normally, I just straighten my hair for an occasion and just leave it at that. Easy peasy. Well, for a wedding, one must have a poof!

Here is Miss J modeling the poof. The poof became our little inside joke of the day since everyone ended up getting a poof, and it just seemed to magically make us look wedding worthy.

Image courtesy of Mizz K.

The spray is something completely new to me. I’m used to slathering on liquid foundation, only to have it fade away within 4-5 hours. That wasn’t gonna fly with this bride. When I read about air brush foundation, I was very intrigued. I kept reading reviews about how it stayed on all day, even in Louisiana. When I went to my trial, they used air brush on me, and it really did stay put on me all day (and my bridals were taken outside). I knew it was a miracle product, so I insisted that we use that on the wedding day!

Check out Miss R getting that spray!

Image courtesy of Miss J

Here’s a graceful looking Mizz K getting her hair done. Doesn’t she just look gorgeous?

Image courtesy of Mizz K

Now, let’s compare. Graceful Mizz K…Wild Thing Ballet Flat. I was getting the poof done here, obviously. I think if I walked down the aisle with this particular look, Mr. Ballet Flat would have ran to the levee and kept going. So, uh, let’s just keep this picture here our little secret, mkay?

The things we go through for beauty….

Image courtesy of Miss K

Even Miss J experienced a bit of Wild Thing while getting her poof. Don’t be too scared..I promise Miss J is a really nice gal. 🙂

Image courtesy of Miss K

Wow…the poof and spray really do work miracles, eh? Aren’t these gals GORGEOUS?

I have to give total and complete beauty credit to the ladies at Get Polished. They do amazing work and were a thrill to work with!

Image courtesy of Miss J

After the hair and make-up was done, it was time to get into our attire. My dress had a corset back, and Momma Ballet Flat decided to take on the task to get me in the dress. I think she used this time as one of those moments where parents get revenge on all the trouble their children caused them.

Momma BF: Ok, time for a BIG pull! (thinks about all those times I ran away from her in Wal-Mart)
Me: OW!
Momma BF: Oh, sorry dear. Can you breathe?
Me: (recovering) Yes…
Momma BF: Good…here we go again! (thinks about the time I came home with a double red card in kindergarten for talking back to the teacher…twice)

Image courtesy of Miss K

I look so uncomfortable there haha! I was probably bracing myself for a big pull!

After I was in the dress, I decided to take out my little white lie. I bought a card for my husband after we swore up and down not to give each other ANYTHING for the wedding. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I wanted to give him a little something before we walked down the aisle.

I wrote him a note with so many butterflies going around in my stomach, that I can’t even remotely remember what I wrote to him. I’m sure the card is somewhere in our Ballet Flat household, but I’m not about to sort around to find it since we are getting ready for a garage sale. 🙂

New Image
Image courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

You want to know how he reacted? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother recap. 🙂 You know I like to keep you on your tippy toes!

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Stay tuned for the finishing touches and my scariest moment of the day!


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