Our NOLA Nuptials: The Finishing Touches

Oh my goodness, does time fly! It’s been far too long since a recap from this ‘bee blogger!

Where were we? Ah yes, after the miraculous poofs, sprays and the whole getting dressed thing, more people started to arrive.

Daddy Ballet Flat finished mowing the lawn, so it was time for him to come inside and get himself all gussied up. Then, the florist came to drop off my highly anticipated flowers! I was so excited and busy, that I took one look at the box of flowers, gushed a HUGE smile and then, the florist left to go to the church to decorate there.

Look at these gorgeous blooms!
001Please disregard that the bouquets are in a toilet paper box. Who said the packaging of the flowers mattered anyway? 🙂

Those were the bouquets for my bridesmaids, and mine? Simply awesome.002After adoring my bouquet for a few minutes, something seemed very off. My stomach sunk. Where was my great-grandmother’s rosary?

We searched everywhere in the box, as I got my sister to find my cell phone so we could call the florist to try to find answers. She didn’t answer the phone.

I just start thinking in the back of my head of how horrible it would be if she lost the rosary. My grandmother, mother and aunts would be heartbroken. You can’t replace things like that, obviously, and I was just in a nervous panic, until she called back.

My sister picked up the phone to talk to her, trying to just eliminate any extra stress on me. She hands me the phone and tells me that I should really talk to her. I get on the phone, and my florist is bawling. My stomach sinks yet again. My florist put the rosary in another bride’s bouquet. She assured me that the bride was someone seemingly nice, and she would get it back to me.

While I knew I wasn’t going to have the rosary for my wedding day, I realized I needed to just let this roll off my shoulders and worry about it tomorrow. There was nothing I could do about it and there was NO way I’d let this ruin the big day!

Momma Ballet Flat told me to go sit down and relax a little while. However, I couldn’t just plop down, oh no. Momma BF was not going to let a wrinkle get in my dress, so she helped me to arrange my dress in a completely sprawled out fashion.

006Man, those corset dresses sure make it look like I have a flat stomach hehe!

Surely, I couldn’t be a bare-footed bride. However with that corset, I couldn’t bend over to put my own shoes on! Never fear! Bridesmaids to the rescue!

007And finally, the part where I REALLY felt like a bride. My beautiful veil!


We were picture perfect, happy and ready to get to the church!
Right after this, my photographer left to give Mr. Ballet Flat my note to him. His reaction? I think a picture says a thousand words..


It looks like something set in for him as well. He was about to be a GROOM!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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Stay tuned to see if I tripped down the aisle….. or not. 😉


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