Our NOLA Nuptials: Some Afterthoughts

After we left the church, we stayed outside with all of our family and friends leaving the church to thank them. The photographer caught quite a few of these, but here are the most notable thoughts that I had going in my head during those Kodak moments.

Dearest Mizz K,
Thank you for allowing me to be a party pooper at 2am in NOLA. I know you gals could have lasted longer, but, check it out, I have no under-eye circles due to a serious lack of sleep. I also thank you for being SO helpful that morning of the wedding. My head was in Dreamland, so I needed a dose of reality.


Dearest Miss R,
Thank you for being a great sister and friend. I know we’re almost 10 years apart, but me and you relate on so many other levels. I’m sure you are smiling here and repeatedly thanking Mr. Ballet Flat, because we once shared a room at our parent’s house and now it’s all yours. You’re welcome. 🙂


My dear Memaw,
I know it was difficult for you, but I’m so glad that you were able to come to the rehearsal dinner AND the wedding! You looked so beautiful and super happy! I love you.


My dearest best friend from high school,
Gosh doggit! You brought a cute, adorable baby to the wedding. I think I just melted. ::must resist baby fever::


Dear Weather,
Thank you for steering away the impending tropical wave that was supposed to slam NOLA with rain. However, you didn’t have to be so extreme with the sun. Squinting and smiling is too difficult! I should have brought sunglasses.


Stay tuned for a first look at our reception!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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