Our NOLA Nuptials: Walk it out

After we ladies got glammed up, it was time to get in the limos and head to the church. The great thing is, my parents live less than a mile away from the church, so it took literally no time to get to the church.

My bridesmaids and I walked in the church and stood in a small area between the two sets of double doors and just kept saying things like “Holy cow!”, “Don’t cry!”, “I can’t believe it!”, etc. During this time, Mr. Ballet Flat and I’s supportive parents and grandparents walked down the aisle.

The girls and I were all getting crazy butterflies, checking each other’s makeup and hair to calm our nerves, and then suddenly, the organist started playing “Canon in D”. It was time to walk it out.

First, the beautiful Miss K went. Next to her is Mr. A, one of Mr. Ballet Flat’s closest friends.

050 (2)
Then, it was time for Miss J to go. This is Mr. B, Mr. Ballet Flat’s cousin. Aren’t their smiles amazing? I LOVE this picture!

053 (2)
Then, of course Miss R went. She was beaming. I think she was still excited over being pampered…she LOVED getting her hair and make-up done. Ok, maybe she was excited about her oldest sister getting married…who knows? This is Mr. G, Mr. Ballet Flat’s cousin.

056 (2)
Then, it was Mizz K’s turn to shine. Isn’t she gorgeous? Man, these ladies are seriously outshining me right now. This is Mr. J, Mr. Ballet Flat’s brother and best man.

061 (2)

Oh gosh. The cuteness has unleashed. This is Mr. J’s son, who at a crazy mature 3 years old, walked perfectly down the aisle, flashed smiles and held that pillow like a pro! Golly, isn’t he a cutie? I had people ask me after the ceremony why I let this cute young man steal my thunder. Go ahead, say “aww”.

063 (2)

Oh boy, oh boy. Is it time already? I think it is. Mr. Ballet Flat is ready!

064 (2)

The organist started playing louder and everyone stood up. Another, ‘I’m a bride’ moment happened. My thinking was something like, Daddy, please hold me tight…I don’t want to fall. This Ballet Flat in heels can be a disaster.

065 (2)

Mr. Ballet Flat approves of the wedding look! Hehehe…he’s so happy!

066 (2)
Ok, let me look down a bit to make sure I’m not going to trip over anything. Sorry Mr. Ballet Flat, I’m really nervous here. I remember Daddy Ballet Flat was telling me to just breathe normally and most importantly, not to cry.

069 (2)
After making it halfway down the aisle, it was time to embrace this walk, flash my groom a smile and work it! I got this…no tripping allowed!

070 (2)
Whew! The finish line!

Daddy Ballet Flat happily flashed my groom a smile, a handshake-hug thing (you know how guys hug..it’s the cool thing to do), and gave me the biggest hug I’ve gotten from him since I graduated from college. 🙂

071 (2)
Can we say SERIOUS butterflies here? This was the moment I first touched my groom at the wedding…wow! I was overwhelmingly happy here!

072 (2)
Oh wow you guys, after 14 months of planning, tons of wedding dreams, this was real; it was finally time to get married!

074 (2)

Stay tuned folks, there’s a ceremony about to take place!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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