Our NOLA Nuptials: Making it Official (Part 1)

After a successful walk down the aisle, it was time to make it official. Mr. Ballet Flat and I are both Catholic, so we had a full Mass for our ceremony.

Since we were married before the Pentecost, the church was still decorated for the Easter season. I’ll give you this picture in color, since it is absolutely beautiful.

I loved all of the Easter arrangements that adorned the Altar.

These Easter flags were placed along the ceiling beams of the church.
088I just thought the decor was truly breath-taking and didn’t require us to buy many arrangements at all.

A truly great budget idea for Catholic brides: if you get married around Christmas or after Easter (since most Catholic churches won’t hold marriages during the Lenten season), keep in mind that the church will be decorated for those seasons with their own arrangements. Plus, it makes it a little more special that you are getting married during such an important part of the Church’s liturgical year.

For us, we purchased simple pew bows, as seen above and two altar arrangements, which were placed near the stairs of the altar on each side. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of those.

Ok, back to the black/whites and getting hitched! (I like using the black/whites to highlight the ceremony, since it feels a little more like you’re in a dream. Call me weird!)

Mr. Ballet Flat and I paid close attention to the readings that we chose. It was hard to believe that in a few short minutes, we would be taking our vows.

090 (2)

After the readings and the Gospel were said, along with a short and sweet homily from our priest, it was time!

*Gulp*…here goes! Look at us! As the Joker would say, “Why so serious?” Haha!

100 (2)
MUCH better! Mr. Ballet Flat grabbed the wrong hand, anxiously going for the left to place the ring, instead of the right to say a prayer, and for some reason, I was so nervous that I busted at the seams in laughter. It was obviously contagious!
102 (2)
We’re all smiles now. This is so awesome! I’m happy to say, I didn’t stumble on my words, but I probably wasn’t talking very loud. I was still a little nervous! I’m not good at being the center of attention, so I’m sure underneath the make-up, I’m all sorts of red in the face!

104 (2)
Don’t you just love this shot? I’m not sure why I’m holding my pinky up, maybe I thought it would look somewhat dainty.

111 (2)Even though this took a matter of minutes, it felt like time just slowed down, and even though this was in front of 150 of our closest family and friends, towards the end, it felt like it was just us.

We were now official, and about to get totally busted. Oops..stay tuned! 🙂

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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