Our NOLA Nuptials: Making it Official (Part 2)

After we took our vows, we were all smiles. I mean, how could you NOT be? We were MARRIED! Eek!

However, we forgot one key thing. We were still in church, where you are supposed to pretty much be quiet and pay attention, but we were busting at the seams in happiness. So, what did we do?

117 (2)

Whisper about it and stare at our hands. Ooo..new bling! BUSTED by our photographer!

I wonder if my mom was thinking about tapping me on the shoulder to make me pay more attention to the blessing of the Eucharist.

118 (2)

Then, it was time for us to give our parents flowers. My huge veil covered any emotions that could be shown, but I’ll give you the play by play in words.

Mom was tearing up when Mr. Ballet Flat and I brought the rose. Let’s note, up to this point, I was a calm and composed Ballet Flat. Dangit MOM! I broke down. I’m glad my photographer didn’t catch the ugly cry face haha!

After we gave our parents roses, it was time to present a rose to Mary. I was still pretty out of my element here, worrying about my dress potentially catching on fire from all of the candles. I sort of forgot to kneel and say a prayer. Oops again!

120 (2)

After the Mass was finished, our Priest gave Mr. Ballet Flat the cue to go in for the kill haha! This was a debated topic for Mr. Ballet Flat and I – what is a church kiss? We ended up keeping it to a simple kiss, since we figured that we could totally make-out in the limo in a few minutes! 😀

122 (2)

I couldn’t believe that the ceremony was completely over! I also was so surprised at how many people came out to see us. I was all smiles to see family and friends, especially those I haven’t seen in a long time! My Parrain (Cajun French term for Godfather) even came out. I haven’t seen him in 10 years since he moved away!

129 (2)

It was so great! I was so excited to talk to them all at the reception! I was also really excited about having a police escort. I felt pretty darn special!

I love this picture. I saw our photographer and immediately thought to smile! At the same time, Mr. Ballet Flat just looks so candidly happy!

131 (2)

Once we got outside, it began to sink in even more thanks to our family and friends!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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