Our NOLA Nuptials: Dancing Klutz

After our formals FULL of smiles, I changed into my awesome platform flip flops (heh, haven’t worn platforms since high school) and we were asked to get ready to dance.

I will openly admit, Mr. Ballet Flat and I have never (if memory serves me right) danced together. We were thinking about classes, but that’s too much pressure. I thought in my head about 2002 senior prom, when I kinda just swayed around in a circle with one of my good friends. With 150 of our family and friends watching, my mentality went from OMG! to whatever…let’s just dance prom style!

**cue Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”** (My favorite song from my favorite movie…so unoriginal, I know.)

It started innocent, with a lot of thoughts like, OMG we’re married, people are gonna get crazy drunk here because it’s NOLA, can’t wait to be at Disney World tomorrow…oh yeah, pretty random.

Then, oops! I stepped all over Mr. Ballet Flat. He was miraculously OK and all I”m doing was laughing. Maybe I was a little nervous…ok,  must.concentrate.now.

Before you knew it, we were back in the moment. Completely us. Just swaying like high schoolers and taking it all in. (Another one of my favorite pics of the reception!)

Next thing you know, the paparazzi (aka family/friends) started screaming at us. “LOOK AT ME!” “STOP! SMILE!” “NO, KEEP DANCING!” C’mon guests, isn’t there some gumbo, jambalaya, ANYTHING to go eat? Killed the moment…

At this point, I knew that our guests just wanted to fill up those disposable cameras instead of fill up on food. So, I just gave up…the whole taking it in stuff was over. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a happy bride, but I was slightly aggravated too. You only do this ONCE.

At this time, I decided to get goofy and to try to shrug it off. I kept telling Mr. Ballet Flat that I was gonna twirl, so I’d raise his hand up and twirl. I did that a few times, and the last time, I slipped out of my flip flop and almost fell on my face. There’s the reaction….good job Ballet Flat, how classy of you.

I’m pretty sure this was the end of the song, and Mr. Ballet Flat was insistent on no more twirls. He didn’t want to drag me to Disney World with a broken leg. I guess I could understand that. 🙂 

I will say, I’m glad there were no lessons for us. There was no pressure to do certain steps, and the few moments we had to kind of just relax and take in everything was stress free. 🙂 Plus, a good bit of the song was spent posing for paparazzi guests, so it’s good that there was no routine anyway. 🙂

Stay tuned for a little more dancing. Only this time, no twirls or foot stepping and LOTS of laughs, at least for me.

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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