Our NOLA Nuptials: Just Dance

After I showed off my crazy (klutzy) dance skills, it was time to dance with my Dad. I was a little nervous here, because I haven’t danced with my Dad before either haha! However, my Dad is a crazy, hilarious guy, and he made sure to make light of this situation.

In the planning days, I asked my Dad for music preferences. He didn’t seem to care, and it was hard to find something that perfectly fit our relationship. We aren’t don’t exactly fit the mushy father/daughter roles, rather, more like I’ll pitch a softball to you in the backyard for hours after school and you hit it as hard as you can, I’ll take you fishing on random Saturdays, eating lunch at random camps along the swamps, dodging bees away from the Kool-Aid, type of relationship.

Since I couldn’t find the perfect song, I just kind of googled top father/daughter songs and chose “Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright. Looking back, I have to laugh at myself for this choice. Too dang sentimental. I remember Dad laughing out loud when he heard the lyrics “that’s my daughter in the water”, and him screaming (yes, screaming) “Oh man, this song is SILLY!” After that, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. I love my Dad….haha!

I know some brides would freak out of embarrassment, but not me, nope. I started thinking about softball, fishing, him helping me avoid mall trips with Mom (sorry Mom)…those types of things. It was pretty awesome and laid back. Whew!

After we were done dancing, I walked to the nearest tray of food, ate a meatball (much to my Mom’s panic) and watched Mr. Ballet Flat dance with his mom. I can’t even remember the song, but I know theirs was truly sentimental and full of smiles. 🙂

After that, our parents danced. We chose “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers for our parents, since it was fairly general and cheesy. 🙂

Now that the formalities were pushed aside, my guests with tummies full of alcohol and gumbo were ready to show off their skills! I can’t even tell you what the heck was going on in these pictures. I promise you though, I was pretty sober.

I know during most of these pictures, Mr. BF and I mingled/thanked guests for coming/tried to sneak in small bites of food. 🙂 I love these pictures though, because it’s evident that our guests had a great time!

Stay tuned for the cake pull, full of the wahoos, darnits and OMGs! 🙂

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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