Our NOLA Nuptials: Charmed

So after we got our dance on and mingled, our coordinator told us it was cake time. Uhm, no need to tell me twice. I walked as swiftly as I could to the table as the DJ announced the names of the single ladies who were going to do the cake pull. 🙂

Now for those of you who are like cake pull, what the heck? It’s a southern tradition that is widely used in New Orleans weddings, and of course, there were a few ways I wanted to bring New Orleans traditions to our wedding. Every wedding I’ve been to has the traditional cake pulls, so I thought it would be fun to do them as well! Of course, I had to Ballet Flat-ify them. I wasn’t going to buy a traditional kit somewhere locally. So, I bought fun New Orleans-y charms and made them myself! Easy peasiest DIY project evah!

The bakery actually called me after my MOH dropped the cake pulls off for me, and asked if they should use white ribbon instead. They thought it would be more traditional. Hrm..I guess they didn’t realize I made these myself for a reason! They matched the fleur de lis on the cakes fairly closely too, don’t you think?

So, after rounding up the ladies from their groovin’, it was time to cheese it for the camera and grab that ribbon….

…and pull!

My friends and family were pretty excited that these were Louisiana charms, and not the standard charms that you can buy pretty much anywhere.

After licking off the icing and cake, everyone anxiously awaited their charm’s meaning.

  • Steamboat – life of adventure and travel
  • Mardi Gras Mask – life of mystery and spontaneity
  • Fleur de Lis – prosperity and wealth
  • Party Girl in Glass – life of the party
  • Crawfish– red hot romance
  • Bride & Groom – next to wed
  • Saxophone – life of harmony
  • Tiger (think LSU, not New Orleans) – strength and triumph
  • Streetcar – desire and passion
  • Drunk Guy on a Light Pole – loves a fun night life

By the way, I totally did NOT buy an old maid charm. I mean, who the heck wants the news that they will be an old maid?! Keep it positive at a wedding, folks.

Now that the cake pull was done, our guests were staring us down for dessert!  It was time to cut that cake! Stay tuned!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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