Attention Brides!

October 27, 2009

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If you are in the market for some new make-up, now is a great time to stock up! is having it’s Friends & Family sale right NOW until 11/2, which is 20% off of your ENTIRE purchase. Simply use the code FF2009 and shipping is free for orders over $50!

You can thank me later! Happy shopping! 🙂

Our NOLA Nuptials: Poof, Spray and a Lie…

August 13, 2009

The day started for us at 7:45am. As always, I snoozed my alarm a few times and finally rolled out of bed. Yes, folks, I slept pretty darn soundly the night before our big day! This Ballet Flat was tired and sleep is always welcome!

The hair/make-up people were scheduled to show up at 8:30, so it was no rush to brush my teeth and tie my hair back. 🙂 Ahh…so convenient to have them come to my parents’ house!

Momma Ballet Flat was already awake scrambling eggs (scramble bambles as we always call them!) and taking orders haha! No, my mom isn’t my personal cook, but she knew I probably would forget to eat and likes to constantly inform her children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 🙂

Hilariously, Daddy Ballet Flat woke up and started mowing the lawn. I guess the Ballet Flat household needs pretty, cut grass on such an important day. 🙂

As soon as they showed up, they were ready to transform our crazy, just woke up selves into, well, some hotties! Check out that hot make-up job on Miss K and as for me? I’m probably scarfing down scramble bambles at this moment…I don’t even have my button down shirt on yet! 🙂

Image courtesy of Miss K

Now, allow me to explain the poof and spray of wedding day beauty. We did some things out of the ordinary here. Normally, I just straighten my hair for an occasion and just leave it at that. Easy peasy. Well, for a wedding, one must have a poof!

Here is Miss J modeling the poof. The poof became our little inside joke of the day since everyone ended up getting a poof, and it just seemed to magically make us look wedding worthy.

Image courtesy of Mizz K.

The spray is something completely new to me. I’m used to slathering on liquid foundation, only to have it fade away within 4-5 hours. That wasn’t gonna fly with this bride. When I read about air brush foundation, I was very intrigued. I kept reading reviews about how it stayed on all day, even in Louisiana. When I went to my trial, they used air brush on me, and it really did stay put on me all day (and my bridals were taken outside). I knew it was a miracle product, so I insisted that we use that on the wedding day!

Check out Miss R getting that spray!

Image courtesy of Miss J

Here’s a graceful looking Mizz K getting her hair done. Doesn’t she just look gorgeous?

Image courtesy of Mizz K

Now, let’s compare. Graceful Mizz K…Wild Thing Ballet Flat. I was getting the poof done here, obviously. I think if I walked down the aisle with this particular look, Mr. Ballet Flat would have ran to the levee and kept going. So, uh, let’s just keep this picture here our little secret, mkay?

The things we go through for beauty….

Image courtesy of Miss K

Even Miss J experienced a bit of Wild Thing while getting her poof. Don’t be too scared..I promise Miss J is a really nice gal. 🙂

Image courtesy of Miss K

Wow…the poof and spray really do work miracles, eh? Aren’t these gals GORGEOUS?

I have to give total and complete beauty credit to the ladies at Get Polished. They do amazing work and were a thrill to work with!

Image courtesy of Miss J

After the hair and make-up was done, it was time to get into our attire. My dress had a corset back, and Momma Ballet Flat decided to take on the task to get me in the dress. I think she used this time as one of those moments where parents get revenge on all the trouble their children caused them.

Momma BF: Ok, time for a BIG pull! (thinks about all those times I ran away from her in Wal-Mart)
Me: OW!
Momma BF: Oh, sorry dear. Can you breathe?
Me: (recovering) Yes…
Momma BF: Good…here we go again! (thinks about the time I came home with a double red card in kindergarten for talking back to the teacher…twice)

Image courtesy of Miss K

I look so uncomfortable there haha! I was probably bracing myself for a big pull!

After I was in the dress, I decided to take out my little white lie. I bought a card for my husband after we swore up and down not to give each other ANYTHING for the wedding. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I wanted to give him a little something before we walked down the aisle.

I wrote him a note with so many butterflies going around in my stomach, that I can’t even remotely remember what I wrote to him. I’m sure the card is somewhere in our Ballet Flat household, but I’m not about to sort around to find it since we are getting ready for a garage sale. 🙂

New Image
Image courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

You want to know how he reacted? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother recap. 🙂 You know I like to keep you on your tippy toes!

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Stay tuned for the finishing touches and my scariest moment of the day!

Staying Power!

January 28, 2009

I have a problem with make-up. While it looks beautiful upon application, it wears off fast. I’m plagued by oily skin, Louisiana humidity and the tendency to be overly emotional. I’m thankful to have my make-up professionally done, so hopefully that problem won’t be too bad, but I will be enlisting the help of some products to give the make-up that boost to stay on through the day!

I would like to mention a HUGE thank you to Makeup Alley. This website is AWESOME (and free). It’s all makeup/beauty products and users review them, listing their age, skin type, what they thought, etc. to give you an idea of if the product might work on you.

First you go to the product review page and you get a search option.
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Then, you are able to search by category (foundation, eye shadow, etc.), brand name (Maybelline, Smashbox, etc.) and product name (Oil Blotting sheets, Paradise Pink lipgloss, etc.)

From there, you click on your product and you can see a review rating/# of reviewers/percent rating. Then, below it, you see written reviews!

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From there, there is a search function in the middle of the page where you can find people like you who have used the product, and get the reviews you want to read. It’s a great website and I recommend it to those looking to revitalize their make-up bag!

Here are some new favorites that I have found!

First of all, despite my highlights, I am a natural blonde. So, my eyelashes are few and far between (and not to mention, blonde). So, mascara has become a nemesis of mine.  I hate clumps and weird brushes, and I can’t justify paying big bucks for something I have to chunk in a few months. So, I found this lash lengthening mascara from Mary Kay for $10, and SERIOUSLY, it has made my eyelashes go va-va-voom all day! No clumps too!

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Like I mentioned, I also have very oily skin. These blotting sheets have been my BFF since high school, but I swear, this product is a lifesaver from the shinies! Sucks that oil nastiness right up!

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Softlips is replacing my chapstick. They have so many yummy flavors and this product just makes my lips feel naturally soft, not like I have a layer of wax on top of them. I love this product, and since it comes tinted, I’m going to invest in this for the big day when the lipgloss wears off!

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MAC Paint in Bare Canvas is a great eye makeup primer. It matches my fair skin color really well and nothing leaves my eyes or creases weird. So far, this is my number one and has lasted me almost a year now! I still have over half of a tube left too!

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Model in a bottle is an allover face spray. It does feel slightly sticky at first after application, but really, nothing comes off of you with this on. If you are DIYing your make-up and want staying power, this is big time recommended!!

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Do you have any make-up products that help to give you the staying power you need on your big day?

Plus sized Bridal FUN!

January 4, 2009

As a plus sized girl, I’ve always found it difficult to get the cute clothes that fit me well! I’m a tall size 22 and that seems to be the size of the season in plus sized stores. So, whenever I shop, I have to pay full price (no sales on this size). So, to justify the price, I often find myself just wearing what I buy until it gets holes in it.

Yes, I was hopeful in the beginning to not be plus size when it came time for the wedding, but now that I’m a little under 5 months away from the big day, it’s time to face the music!

I remember reading on The Knot about all the cute bridal accessories available in stores and online. The problem?


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See that in the red circle? Highest size is a 10!! 😦 Do I dare DIY? Well, when it comes to clothes, I’d rather leave it to the professionals.  So, no DIY rhinestone shirt.

Then, Mom Ballet Flat showed me a beautiful dress (possible rehearsal dress) on a plus sized designer’s site called Kiyonna, and within the site, I found the bridal shop! A PLUS SIZED bridal shop! 🙂

Let’s just say I’m gonna go a little purchase happy whenever it gets closer to the wedding! This apparel goes up to 3x  and even  some styles go up to 5X on this site.

Check out a sampling of what they have!!


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Do any of you plus sized brides out there have any other bridal apparel websites to share?

Nobody’s Perfect..

December 8, 2008

I’m so frustrated with myself that I just want to curl into a ball and cry. Like I mentioned earlier, I had a plan. A good, solid weight loss plan. When I started packing and moving to where I’ll be living when I become a Mrs., I stopped caring as much about what I ate and made excuses, any excuses to avoid workouts.

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As of Thanksgiving Day, I was **almost** 20 lbs. higher than my lowest weight when I was hardcore dieting last summer. I’m so disappointed that I let myself go this much! I’m almost back to my original college graduation weight.

The worst part is, it’s the holiday season! I am forcing myself to Shred again today, but how to resist the holiday food?

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I swear, Cindy Lou-Who’s eyes and mine look exactly the same around the holiday feast! YUM!

Does anyone have advice to motivate me? I could really use the help right about now. 🙂

Not so Glare-morous

October 30, 2008

Most of my life, I’ve worn glasses. They don’t aggravate me when I wear them at all. It’s something I’ve gotten used to, but just recently, in thinking about our wedding, I want to be a bride with no glasses. No, I’m not just taking off my glasses. If I did that, everything would be blurry and my klutz level would rise to dangerous proportions. Reason for the switch then? Glare…yeah, you glasses wearing brides know ALL about glare!

I’ve been HAUNTED by glare in yearbook pictures, candids, prom night and almost engagement. However, our wedding photog is excellent and she just wasn’t going to let it happen! Check out our e-pics for proof! 🙂

Look at an example of my tragic glare that I found all over my facebook pictures. Sorry for the bad quality.

I decided to avoid any type of glare, I’m going to wear contacts. *gasp* Well, I’ve worn contacts before in college. I just quit because I’m lazy and really don’t like fighting with my eyes in the morning. Here’s a picture of me with contacts.

Now, the fun part: Picking the contacts. I’m naturally greenish-greyish (weird color) eyes. Here, I’m wearing aqua enhancements. Acuvue sells these enhancement contacts that just add tint to light colored eyes. It doesn’t look fake at all!

Image source

I really liked the aqua when I wore them, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get those again.

If you are hesitant about colors, you can always go to the site for a free trial pair or even a virtual look at how the colors would look on you. However, I couldn’t get my eyes to line up quite right in the picture to show you an example. It’s a little hard to work with, but hey, can’t beat a free trial pair!

Are any of you glasses wearing brides looking to wear contacts?

What to wear…on my face?

October 17, 2008

I kind of have a problem. I love make-up. I own a lot of it, and it makes me feel good when I go to MAC and just get a lipstick. It brightens my day. Mr. Ballet Flat knows how much I love pretty eye colors too. In fact, for Christmas, he got me the big kahuna of make-up colors!

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It’s pretty fun, this palette. I’ve discovered some colors that look spectacular on me! (and some, well, not so spectacular..)

I remember when I got engaged and thought about the glamour of having someone come to the hotel, apply the perfect colors of make-up, do my hair and I would look flawless and feel beautiful. Then, I saw the price tag of it. Whoa…

So, the options started pouring in. I knew that MAC will do your make-up for free, that is, if you buy $40 in products. That would cover lipstick, gloss and a powder, so perfect for touch-ups. It’s still $40, but I’d feel justified with products in hand.

I could just DIY, right? Well, I’m by no means a professional at this, and I want my make-up to be flawless and actually STAY. So, I started researching and found Model in a Bottle.

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So, I bought it and tried it a few times. This stuff works wonderfully, but it feels like I put hairspray on my face a little bit. After work, my make-up looked (almost) the same as when I applied it that morning! So, brides, this stuff works.

I was so psyched! I could save $40-60 on my make-up using what I already have!! Yippee! Then, came the time to try to find a look. I was terribly torn.

I love the natural and a subtle smokey eye look. Two complete extremes here…but check these out!

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I tried and tried to make these looks happen on my face, but whenever I tried, it looked SO wrong for me. So, I decided to throw DIY out the window for the big day, and rely on a pro for this.

THEN, I realized, the MAC store doesn’t open until 9 on Saturdays, which would make a time crunch for us all getting our make-up and hair done too! (Our wedding is early afternoon) So, I squeezed it out of my budget to afford a professional to come to my house (or wherever we are) on the big day to make all of us ladies b-e-a-utiful! After many calls and research, I decided on Emily with Get Polished.  Sure, she’s pricey, but she has RAVING reviews. I’m hoping to see both looks on me from her at a trial, and make a decision from there!

How are you doing your make-up? DIY? Make-up counter? Or a house call professional?