Our NOLA Nuptials: Smiles All Around

March 2, 2010

One of the things I wanted to get done quickly was the formals. Two weeks before, I attended my aunt’s wedding and the photographer was SO slow. It took them an hour and a half to rally up everyone for the formals and get them done. I was so sad for her. She went straight from formals to first dance, then she had to cut the cake and throw the bouquet! After that, most of the time, people start leaving, so her wedding was over before she knew it!!  I didn’t want this happening to me, so I asked our photographer if we could get this done quickly and painlessly (Literally, because I still had my dang heels on).

Let me tell you, my photographer was awesome with these formals. I do wish some of the people would have smiled though…it’s a wedding and people should be happy! You’re about to get unlimited booze, food and cake…what’s not to smile about?!? (You’ll see what I mean..)

So, here’s the GQ crew, as a few of my friends called them.  My grandma kept joking that they looked like they were posing for a magazine haha!

Here are me and my girls: Mizz K, Miss K, Miss J and Miss R. I love them all to pieces…while I thankfully didn’t have to ask them to hold my dress to use the bathroom during the wedding, they did so much for me that day and I can’t thank them enough! They were also a blast to dance with…wahoo!

Here we all are together. The little one managed to get in there too and try to be the cute one in the pic. I can’t compete with him at all.

Then, it was time for family shots. My brother was not a happy camper, I guess. :\ I promise he does smile in real life. He was probably still a little ticked at the fact that he had to escort three people in a row down the aisle (which was NOT the plan..someone walked out of order). Good exercise, I guess. Poor guy..

Here’s Mr. Ballet Flat’s family. Mr. Ballet Flat informed me that his family is not really into smiling for pictures, but I promise you, they smile in real life! 🙂

Finally, last pictures of the formals: Mr. Ballet Flat and I. I LOVE the angle the photographer made me stand in…makes me look way smaller than the size 22 that I am. Gotta love flattering angles!

Shortly after that, I grabbed the nearest hand rail and took off those painful heels. By then, most of the guests were there, and they were laughing at the idea of no more shoes for this bride! Sorry, but I was ready to bust out the flip-flops, bustle the dress and dance with my man. 🙂 Stay tuned!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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Our NOLA Nuptials: Poof, Spray and a Lie…

August 13, 2009

The day started for us at 7:45am. As always, I snoozed my alarm a few times and finally rolled out of bed. Yes, folks, I slept pretty darn soundly the night before our big day! This Ballet Flat was tired and sleep is always welcome!

The hair/make-up people were scheduled to show up at 8:30, so it was no rush to brush my teeth and tie my hair back. 🙂 Ahh…so convenient to have them come to my parents’ house!

Momma Ballet Flat was already awake scrambling eggs (scramble bambles as we always call them!) and taking orders haha! No, my mom isn’t my personal cook, but she knew I probably would forget to eat and likes to constantly inform her children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 🙂

Hilariously, Daddy Ballet Flat woke up and started mowing the lawn. I guess the Ballet Flat household needs pretty, cut grass on such an important day. 🙂

As soon as they showed up, they were ready to transform our crazy, just woke up selves into, well, some hotties! Check out that hot make-up job on Miss K and as for me? I’m probably scarfing down scramble bambles at this moment…I don’t even have my button down shirt on yet! 🙂

Image courtesy of Miss K

Now, allow me to explain the poof and spray of wedding day beauty. We did some things out of the ordinary here. Normally, I just straighten my hair for an occasion and just leave it at that. Easy peasy. Well, for a wedding, one must have a poof!

Here is Miss J modeling the poof. The poof became our little inside joke of the day since everyone ended up getting a poof, and it just seemed to magically make us look wedding worthy.

Image courtesy of Mizz K.

The spray is something completely new to me. I’m used to slathering on liquid foundation, only to have it fade away within 4-5 hours. That wasn’t gonna fly with this bride. When I read about air brush foundation, I was very intrigued. I kept reading reviews about how it stayed on all day, even in Louisiana. When I went to my trial, they used air brush on me, and it really did stay put on me all day (and my bridals were taken outside). I knew it was a miracle product, so I insisted that we use that on the wedding day!

Check out Miss R getting that spray!

Image courtesy of Miss J

Here’s a graceful looking Mizz K getting her hair done. Doesn’t she just look gorgeous?

Image courtesy of Mizz K

Now, let’s compare. Graceful Mizz K…Wild Thing Ballet Flat. I was getting the poof done here, obviously. I think if I walked down the aisle with this particular look, Mr. Ballet Flat would have ran to the levee and kept going. So, uh, let’s just keep this picture here our little secret, mkay?

The things we go through for beauty….

Image courtesy of Miss K

Even Miss J experienced a bit of Wild Thing while getting her poof. Don’t be too scared..I promise Miss J is a really nice gal. 🙂

Image courtesy of Miss K

Wow…the poof and spray really do work miracles, eh? Aren’t these gals GORGEOUS?

I have to give total and complete beauty credit to the ladies at Get Polished. They do amazing work and were a thrill to work with!

Image courtesy of Miss J

After the hair and make-up was done, it was time to get into our attire. My dress had a corset back, and Momma Ballet Flat decided to take on the task to get me in the dress. I think she used this time as one of those moments where parents get revenge on all the trouble their children caused them.

Momma BF: Ok, time for a BIG pull! (thinks about all those times I ran away from her in Wal-Mart)
Me: OW!
Momma BF: Oh, sorry dear. Can you breathe?
Me: (recovering) Yes…
Momma BF: Good…here we go again! (thinks about the time I came home with a double red card in kindergarten for talking back to the teacher…twice)

Image courtesy of Miss K

I look so uncomfortable there haha! I was probably bracing myself for a big pull!

After I was in the dress, I decided to take out my little white lie. I bought a card for my husband after we swore up and down not to give each other ANYTHING for the wedding. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I wanted to give him a little something before we walked down the aisle.

I wrote him a note with so many butterflies going around in my stomach, that I can’t even remotely remember what I wrote to him. I’m sure the card is somewhere in our Ballet Flat household, but I’m not about to sort around to find it since we are getting ready for a garage sale. 🙂

New Image
Image courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

You want to know how he reacted? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother recap. 🙂 You know I like to keep you on your tippy toes!

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Stay tuned for the finishing touches and my scariest moment of the day!

Making it Naturally N’awlins!

May 6, 2009

When I first started blogging on Weddingbee, I mentioned a few New Orleans traditions that I wanted to bring to the wedding. Well, I kept to my word! These are a couple of last minute DIY projects that I think will add some fun to the party!

For our second line dance, I decided to save a little money and glam up our umbrellas myself. They are pretty pricey for someone else to do them, and it’s amazing what some hot glue and a little bit of feathers can do! I’m pretty sure I’m leaving them as is, but who knows, I might add some sparkle and more flair to them later!


I found these white and black umbrellas at Accent Annex, which is a pretty popular Mardi Gras throws store in the New Orleans area. They were a steal for $4 vs. the $30+ completed umbrellas at local bridal shops! I also purchased white and black boas to glue to the edge of the umbrellas with hot glue. At the most, this project took me 15 minutes. Easy peasy!



Mr. Ballet Flat had a problem with the boa on his at first, but I mentioned that this was just for 3-4 minutes and it’s New Orleans…just let it happen! 😀

Doesn’t this make you want to dance? 🙂

Another New Orleans tradition is the cake pulls. Of course, I could have just bought a set, but why not make it even MORE New Orleans. So, I went uptown on Magazine Street (a popular shopping district in New Orleans) and bought New Orleans charms at the Bead Shop (they do not have a website to order from, sorry!)

Check out my stash!


Since my charms were unique, that would mean there were NO meanings for them whatsoever. So, I improvised with meanings I found on the internet. (Who really knows what the charms are supposed to mean anyway?)

Steamboat – life of adventure and travel
Mardi Gras Mask – life of mystery and spontaneity
Fleur de Lis – prosperity and wealth
Party Girl in Glass
– life of the party
Crawfish– red hot romance
Bride & Groom – next to wed
Saxophone – life of harmony
Tiger (think LSU, not New Orleans) – strength and triumph
Streetcar – desire and passion
Drunk Guy on a Light Pole – loves a fun night life

I basically took these charms and put a jump ring on them myself. Then, I strung some satin thin ribbon on them. The total cost for 10 cake pulls? About $15. Not too shabby, right?

How are you incorporating your hometown traditions in your wedding?

Hobby Lobby is my new friend!

March 20, 2009

I have been constantly thinking about the ring bearer’s pillow for the ceremony. They are so pricey in my opinion at stores and also on Etsy. I was starting to lose hope, and was thinking the impossible: DIY. I say impossible, because I haven’t sewn a day in my life on a machine. I love DIY but I wasn’t about to take on a brand new craft two months before the wedding!!

Last night, I went to Hobby Lobby to get another scrapbooking marker for our DIY invites, which will be sent out MONDAY! Really excited about that! I was walking towards the scrapbooking and saw a HUGE 50% off ALL bridal items. So, of course, being the thrifty girl I am (remember me loving clearances?) I checked it out.

By the way, this looks to be a nation-wide Hobby Lobby sale until Saturday, as seen in the ad here. Also, here’s a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon if you wanted to get something extra for the crafty person in you!

Anyway, after looking around the two aisles, I found a ring bearer pillow! It looks very similar to this, except the ribbon is satin!


Image source

The price? $19.99 $9.99!!!!

Also, I’ve been wanting to DIY an LSU colored wire beaded cake server set, like this one here.

Image source

I found one in a local cooking store, but the set was $80. I thought that I could totally DIY that for less, and of course, Hobby Lobby had a plain server set for $9.99 $5! I can’t wait to figure this little craft out! 🙂

Have you found any great sales lately for your wedding?

Finding gifts for the girls…

March 9, 2009

Well, so far, I’ve had three gift ideas for my bridesmaids.

1. Jewelry set – earrings and necklace

2. Prettied up Old Navy flip flops using tons of bling!

3. A surprise gift (my bridesmaids have been known to read this blog and I do NOT want them to see this gift until the big day!)

Here’s a fourth fun idea that I found while registering for towel’s at Macy’s.

These are hand painted martini glasses, and I find while there are these gifts that are wedding related, I wanted to give the girls something for them to relate to and place on their desks at work or home with pride!

I’d rather not show the exact ones I will be giving (yet), but rather, I noticed Lolita has made a few fellow Bee martini glasses. I’m sure it’s not because of Weddingbee, but hey, it’s still kind of neat to see these!

Image source

Image source

Image source

As for me, I could totally see myself settling (not really) with this super cute wedding glass!

Image source

Have you gotten your girls anything that wasn’t wedding related for a gift?

Get this (Gocco) Party Started!

December 10, 2008

This past weekend Miss K came over from Dallas to hang out, visit old friends and of course, have a killer Gocco party! I have to admit, I was a little scared of when this moment would come. After all, these were going to be THE invitations and there was NO turning back. However, we got SO much done this weekend and it couldn’t have turned out better!

I have to thank her times a million for her help! If you happen to see her in the big D, thank her again for me, will ya? Ok, just kidding! 🙂

We started off our adventure at the cupcake shop, since I had some gift cards that were about to expire. So, we bought cupcakes…lots of them.

We also went to the mall, met Mr. Ballet Flat for lunch and got last minute  supplies for invitations at Michael’s. (I used my 25% off entire purchase coupon, which you can find in any Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.)

Then, with my 8.5×11 Stardream paper in hand, we went to Kinko’s (my no fail place to get the paper cut perfectly) to get the Stardream chopped up into the invitation sized pieces I wanted. Unfortunately, due to finals at LSU and holiday shipping, Kinko’s was too busy to cut right then and there. There would be a 2-3 hr. wait. The problem was, we couldn’t wait really.

So, we went back to the house and Mr. Ballet Flat could tell that I was NOT happy. Mr. Ballet Flat’s genius self mentioned Office Depot across the street. I called them to see if they could do it, and they said yes!! Then, I asked for prices and it was CHEAPER than Kinkos. Then, the kicker… they weren’t busy! So, we got our paper cut right in front of us! SCORE! The only problem is, their machine was older and *slightly* off in measurements. However, it’s nothing too noticeable, I think.

Then, our Gocco party really got started! Check out the cupcakes we were eating up during the Gocco party!


We worked on gocco’ing the gold fleur de lis on the bronze paper for the invitation background first. Then, we made the RSVPs on the opal paper. Here are the RSVP’s sitting out to dry. I had to mix turquoise with a little bit of black ink to achieve the teal color I wanted. Unfortunately, Riso retired the teal ink color and I couldn’t find it online!



I was really tempted to do fun RSVPs with silly replies for options, but Mr. Ballet Flat was TOTALLY against that idea (as it might confuse the older guests).


When the RSVPs were drying, we started taping the bronze paper backing to the pocketfolds. We just used simple Scotch double sided tape to do the job. Cheap and works!


Then, we placed the vellum invites over the bronze backing, using bronze brads to attach them. We used a tiny 1/16″ hole puncher to make the holes in the paper for the brads to go through.


Here’s a look at our invitations. Sorry about the shadow. That’s my hand on the camera! We printed white ink on vellum. It ended up drying with a nice shimmer, and while it may be hard to read on it’s own, the bronze backing provides some great readability (oh gosh, I feel like a Bud Light commercial…you know, drinkability? haha!).


We did two brads on top in case our guests are curious to see both sheets separately, and plus, it’s a little cheaper that way.

So far, I really LOVE the way these turned out. I had trouble visualizing them, but between my ideas, Mr. Ballet Flat’s and Miss K’s, these invitations are da bomb! (backtrack to high school here!)

Next on the list? Gocco the return address on the RSVP envelopes and gocco the map/directions card as well! Stay tuned!

Have you been a little intimidated by a DIY project, only for it to turn out BETTER than you expected?


December 3, 2008

There’s a big check that I can take off the to-do list thanks to an Alfred Angelo sale: my sisters chose their bridesmaid dresses!

Boy, what a task that was too! See, with my other two friends, they knew what they wanted. Took them maybe 30 minutes to choose the dress. Not my sisters. I love them, but they had NO idea what they wanted, and they brought mom along. So, you know what that means: four minds. Four female minds all trying to find 2 dresses for 2 girls. I include myself, because my sisters begged for my input.

My mother basically took every style of shorter dress in their size, and we whisked ourselves away to the fitting room before anyone could even help us out. Yep, that’s my mother. She wanted to give every dress a chance (as long as it didn’t look completely ridiculous).

One hour worth of trying on, pulling, clipping and a few internal dilemmas, my sisters have chosen their dresses!

My maid of honor, Mizz K (Miss K is another bridesmaid, remember? We MUST differentiate here!) chose a beautiful dress. She wanted to be different though. As my aunt would say, “Just give her the #$^*@ sash!” So Mizz K got her sash in the end.

Here she is modeling her dress. It will be in tealness, and the sash in espresso.
I just hope Mama Ballet Flat and Mizz K don’t hate me too harshly for posting these pictures for the world to see!

My other sister, Miss R, is really laid back. She is a youthful (almost) 16, and wanted to reflect that in her dress. I think the bow in the dress really helps with that! Her dress will be all tealness, because, like I said, Mizz K wants to keep her espresso sash unique!


Also, remember Miss J? She bought her bridesmaid dress without seeing the style on her (since our store didn’t carry that style and she wanted it that badly), and recently picked it up. She loves it! Gosh, that girl knows her fashion! Yay Miss J!

Also, Miss K, not to be confused with Mizz K, is coming in town from Dallas for a super fun filled Gocco party!! Stay tuned for the invites! They are gonna be AWESOME!

Did any of your bridesmaids have trouble choosing their dress? (if you let them choose)