Our NOLA Nuptials: Making it Official (Part 2)

October 1, 2009

After we took our vows, we were all smiles. I mean, how could you NOT be? We were MARRIED! Eek!

However, we forgot one key thing. We were still in church, where you are supposed to pretty much be quiet and pay attention, but we were busting at the seams in happiness. So, what did we do?

117 (2)

Whisper about it and stare at our hands. Ooo..new bling! BUSTED by our photographer!

I wonder if my mom was thinking about tapping me on the shoulder to make me pay more attention to the blessing of the Eucharist.

118 (2)

Then, it was time for us to give our parents flowers. My huge veil covered any emotions that could be shown, but I’ll give you the play by play in words.

Mom was tearing up when Mr. Ballet Flat and I brought the rose. Let’s note, up to this point, I was a calm and composed Ballet Flat. Dangit MOM! I broke down. I’m glad my photographer didn’t catch the ugly cry face haha!

After we gave our parents roses, it was time to present a rose to Mary. I was still pretty out of my element here, worrying about my dress potentially catching on fire from all of the candles. I sort of forgot to kneel and say a prayer. Oops again!

120 (2)

After the Mass was finished, our Priest gave Mr. Ballet Flat the cue to go in for the kill haha! This was a debated topic for Mr. Ballet Flat and I – what is a church kiss? We ended up keeping it to a simple kiss, since we figured that we could totally make-out in the limo in a few minutes! 😀

122 (2)

I couldn’t believe that the ceremony was completely over! I also was so surprised at how many people came out to see us. I was all smiles to see family and friends, especially those I haven’t seen in a long time! My Parrain (Cajun French term for Godfather) even came out. I haven’t seen him in 10 years since he moved away!

129 (2)

It was so great! I was so excited to talk to them all at the reception! I was also really excited about having a police escort. I felt pretty darn special!

I love this picture. I saw our photographer and immediately thought to smile! At the same time, Mr. Ballet Flat just looks so candidly happy!

131 (2)

Once we got outside, it began to sink in even more thanks to our family and friends!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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Our NOLA Nuptials: Making it Official (Part 1)

Our NOLA Nuptials: Making it Official (Part 1)

September 29, 2009

After a successful walk down the aisle, it was time to make it official. Mr. Ballet Flat and I are both Catholic, so we had a full Mass for our ceremony.

Since we were married before the Pentecost, the church was still decorated for the Easter season. I’ll give you this picture in color, since it is absolutely beautiful.

I loved all of the Easter arrangements that adorned the Altar.

These Easter flags were placed along the ceiling beams of the church.
088I just thought the decor was truly breath-taking and didn’t require us to buy many arrangements at all.

A truly great budget idea for Catholic brides: if you get married around Christmas or after Easter (since most Catholic churches won’t hold marriages during the Lenten season), keep in mind that the church will be decorated for those seasons with their own arrangements. Plus, it makes it a little more special that you are getting married during such an important part of the Church’s liturgical year.

For us, we purchased simple pew bows, as seen above and two altar arrangements, which were placed near the stairs of the altar on each side. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of those.

Ok, back to the black/whites and getting hitched! (I like using the black/whites to highlight the ceremony, since it feels a little more like you’re in a dream. Call me weird!)

Mr. Ballet Flat and I paid close attention to the readings that we chose. It was hard to believe that in a few short minutes, we would be taking our vows.

090 (2)

After the readings and the Gospel were said, along with a short and sweet homily from our priest, it was time!

*Gulp*…here goes! Look at us! As the Joker would say, “Why so serious?” Haha!

100 (2)
MUCH better! Mr. Ballet Flat grabbed the wrong hand, anxiously going for the left to place the ring, instead of the right to say a prayer, and for some reason, I was so nervous that I busted at the seams in laughter. It was obviously contagious!
102 (2)
We’re all smiles now. This is so awesome! I’m happy to say, I didn’t stumble on my words, but I probably wasn’t talking very loud. I was still a little nervous! I’m not good at being the center of attention, so I’m sure underneath the make-up, I’m all sorts of red in the face!

104 (2)
Don’t you just love this shot? I’m not sure why I’m holding my pinky up, maybe I thought it would look somewhat dainty.

111 (2)Even though this took a matter of minutes, it felt like time just slowed down, and even though this was in front of 150 of our closest family and friends, towards the end, it felt like it was just us.

We were now official, and about to get totally busted. Oops..stay tuned! 🙂

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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Our NOLA Nuptials: Walk it out

September 27, 2009

After we ladies got glammed up, it was time to get in the limos and head to the church. The great thing is, my parents live less than a mile away from the church, so it took literally no time to get to the church.

My bridesmaids and I walked in the church and stood in a small area between the two sets of double doors and just kept saying things like “Holy cow!”, “Don’t cry!”, “I can’t believe it!”, etc. During this time, Mr. Ballet Flat and I’s supportive parents and grandparents walked down the aisle.

The girls and I were all getting crazy butterflies, checking each other’s makeup and hair to calm our nerves, and then suddenly, the organist started playing “Canon in D”. It was time to walk it out.

First, the beautiful Miss K went. Next to her is Mr. A, one of Mr. Ballet Flat’s closest friends.

050 (2)
Then, it was time for Miss J to go. This is Mr. B, Mr. Ballet Flat’s cousin. Aren’t their smiles amazing? I LOVE this picture!

053 (2)
Then, of course Miss R went. She was beaming. I think she was still excited over being pampered…she LOVED getting her hair and make-up done. Ok, maybe she was excited about her oldest sister getting married…who knows? This is Mr. G, Mr. Ballet Flat’s cousin.

056 (2)
Then, it was Mizz K’s turn to shine. Isn’t she gorgeous? Man, these ladies are seriously outshining me right now. This is Mr. J, Mr. Ballet Flat’s brother and best man.

061 (2)

Oh gosh. The cuteness has unleashed. This is Mr. J’s son, who at a crazy mature 3 years old, walked perfectly down the aisle, flashed smiles and held that pillow like a pro! Golly, isn’t he a cutie? I had people ask me after the ceremony why I let this cute young man steal my thunder. Go ahead, say “aww”.

063 (2)

Oh boy, oh boy. Is it time already? I think it is. Mr. Ballet Flat is ready!

064 (2)

The organist started playing louder and everyone stood up. Another, ‘I’m a bride’ moment happened. My thinking was something like, Daddy, please hold me tight…I don’t want to fall. This Ballet Flat in heels can be a disaster.

065 (2)

Mr. Ballet Flat approves of the wedding look! Hehehe…he’s so happy!

066 (2)
Ok, let me look down a bit to make sure I’m not going to trip over anything. Sorry Mr. Ballet Flat, I’m really nervous here. I remember Daddy Ballet Flat was telling me to just breathe normally and most importantly, not to cry.

069 (2)
After making it halfway down the aisle, it was time to embrace this walk, flash my groom a smile and work it! I got this…no tripping allowed!

070 (2)
Whew! The finish line!

Daddy Ballet Flat happily flashed my groom a smile, a handshake-hug thing (you know how guys hug..it’s the cool thing to do), and gave me the biggest hug I’ve gotten from him since I graduated from college. 🙂

071 (2)
Can we say SERIOUS butterflies here? This was the moment I first touched my groom at the wedding…wow! I was overwhelmingly happy here!

072 (2)
Oh wow you guys, after 14 months of planning, tons of wedding dreams, this was real; it was finally time to get married!

074 (2)

Stay tuned folks, there’s a ceremony about to take place!

Images courtesy of Amanda Meyer Photography

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Our Programs

June 23, 2009

I am such a procrastinator. I ended up making these programs the week of the wedding, and I really didn’t dedicate much effort for these. I just knew I had a bunch of teal scraps from our pocketfolds, and thought that I could pull off a layered program with this.

So, here is how they came out. I will explain my mistakes in this post, since these were not perfect, just in case someone would like to benefit from my mistakes. 🙂

Supply list:
1 pk. 65 lb. ivory cardstock (found at Office Depot)
Thicker cardstock paper (105 lb. or heavier) cut to 4″ x 9/9.5″
1/4″ hole puncher (found at Michael’s)
bone folder

First thing I did was set up my columns and paper layout in Microsoft Word. I made the layout in “landscape” with 2 columns to make the most out of the paper (printing two program pages to a page of cardstock). I made the margins to these measurements: Top/Bottom: 1.25″ and Left/Right: 1″.

Then, I typed out my information in the following order by page:

Wedding Cover Page
Wedding Ceremony – Order of Mass & Ministers of the Mass
Wedding Party – Members of Wedding Party and Family names
With love – Thank you’s to parents and guests along with Memorials

Our ceremony was a Catholic ceremony with mass. I used Catholic Wedding Help (great website for you Catholic brides, by the way!) as a guide for a program template with mass.

Here is where I went wrong. I test printed for spell checking, but not necessarily to see how it all lined up, unfortunately.

I manually ended my pages, because I’m not very Word proficient. I ended up stopping at these points.

Cover Page – 5″
Wedding Ceremony – 6″
Wedding Party – 6 7/8″
With Love – 7 3/8″

I tried to squeeze the “With Love” part in too much. I should have played more with margins, but I thought I was ok. I’m sure if I would have done even numbers with inch gaps, it would have been perfect. Although, I was not about to redo printing all of these, so I brought them to my faithful Kinko’s to have them cut to size for $8 total. (I love Kinko’s.)

I then scored the heavy cardstock using the bone folder 0.5 inches from the top of the cardstock and folded it down to make the holder for the program paper.

I then enlisted the help of Mr. BF. He painstakingly punched two holes in each program set. It takes a good bit of strength to punch through all that cardstock (including the 4 program pages). Then, I pulled ribbon through the holes (the thinner the better) and made a simple tie. I didn’t even bother with bows HA!

And there you have it! Simple layered programs. I will say I received tons of compliments on these, despite them not lining up perfectly.

So, brides-to-be, my piece of advice? Don’t sweat the small stuff on your DIY projects. Chances are, people won’t really notice the mistakes, but rather, the effort!

Did you have a DIY project that didn’t go quite right but you let it go anyway for your big day?

Hobby Lobby is my new friend!

March 20, 2009

I have been constantly thinking about the ring bearer’s pillow for the ceremony. They are so pricey in my opinion at stores and also on Etsy. I was starting to lose hope, and was thinking the impossible: DIY. I say impossible, because I haven’t sewn a day in my life on a machine. I love DIY but I wasn’t about to take on a brand new craft two months before the wedding!!

Last night, I went to Hobby Lobby to get another scrapbooking marker for our DIY invites, which will be sent out MONDAY! Really excited about that! I was walking towards the scrapbooking and saw a HUGE 50% off ALL bridal items. So, of course, being the thrifty girl I am (remember me loving clearances?) I checked it out.

By the way, this looks to be a nation-wide Hobby Lobby sale until Saturday, as seen in the ad here. Also, here’s a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon if you wanted to get something extra for the crafty person in you!

Anyway, after looking around the two aisles, I found a ring bearer pillow! It looks very similar to this, except the ribbon is satin!


Image source

The price? $19.99 $9.99!!!!

Also, I’ve been wanting to DIY an LSU colored wire beaded cake server set, like this one here.

Image source

I found one in a local cooking store, but the set was $80. I thought that I could totally DIY that for less, and of course, Hobby Lobby had a plain server set for $9.99 $5! I can’t wait to figure this little craft out! 🙂

Have you found any great sales lately for your wedding?

More Martha Love…

October 29, 2008

As I mentioned in my last post, I love Martha Stewart. My absolute favorite wedding magazine is her Weddings magazine. She has wonderful inspiration pictures and most importantly, DIY projects.

I’m definitely incorporating a few of her projects into the wedding. Call me crazy but I LOVE crafts!

Ribbon Flowers

Image source

I’m planning on making quite a few of these into a throw away bouquet. It would be a funky personal touch to a traditional part of the reception. I bought TONS of teal and brown patterned ribbon at Michael’s on sale for $1. Gotta love the sales!

Program Pockets

Image source

This idea would work so well for me. I have leftover pocketfold paper that could house the programs. However, I wonder if the church would allow me to do this, and if people would even notice that they are on the ends of the pew, rather than by the door of the church. I could gocco on little fleur de lis on the pocket too. Yet another use for the Gocco, right?

Pressed Bouquet
Image source


I love this idea of making a keepsake for after the wedding. I’m super excited about the wedding flowers, and would love to keep parts of it with me for a long time. I’d have to ask my mom or sister to start it for me, however, since I will be out of town right after the reception.

Are you using any of Martha’s ideas in your wedding?

The hidden deal breaker…

September 29, 2008

I wanted our wedding to be held in my hometown of Destrehan so badly. I really did, but man, the sticker shock of a reception made this very difficult! I knew for a fact where the ceremony would be. I told Mr. Ballet Flat from day one that we had to get married in St. Charles Borromeo Church. I would move the date around as much as possible to get this venue, because this is the church I’ve always gone to. It’s a beautiful, traditional church with a crazy long aisle to walk down. What more is there to ask for, right? 🙂

Image source

That was easy enough. Now, to find a place for our reception. It would be so easy to have the reception in Destrehan as well or as close as possible. So, I had a couple choices in mind.

We wanted our reception to be the buffet style with passed hors d’oeurves rather than a sit-down meal. We wanted the food to be standard of Louisiana cuisine, since hey, honestly, you go to New Orleans, you have expectations of a great bowl of jambalaya, right?

A couple months before we were engaged, I was obsessed enough to call Ormond Country Club in Destrehan for prices. The price was $22/pp, which was amazing, but there were no Louisiana dishes offered. With the price though, we were pretty set on that place. However, they just had renovations and hired a new wedding planner. With that, the price jumped…a lot! The package was now $32/pp!!

Image source

Another location I vaguely heard about was in the next town over, where my father grew up. It was called La Maison Magnolia and the location was just exquisite. This was a more all-inclusive reception venue with much more food variety (including quite a few Louisiana dishes) at $33/pp. This was fair, since it included so much besides food (cake, dj, duty officer). However, it was a little on the small side for our 150 guests.

Image source

I thought this would be easy…but here comes what killed the deal. The G word, yeah, you brides know all about it. GRATUITY! 18% of whatever the reception cost was tacked right on top of that already sticker shocking price! Wow…this was going to kill the budget.

I couldn’t afford for our wedding to be in New Orleans, unfortunately (after much research, trust me), so it seemed that these two reception locations were really our only hope!

So, what’s a girl to do? I vented to my mom. My mom mentioned the place where they (mom and dad) had their reception. I thought, well, it’s in Metairie, which is the city RIGHT next to New Orleans. It’s about 15 miles away from Destrehan, so it’s not too too far. However, most of the Metairie venues were way pricier than my hometown options. Well, Mr. Ballet Flat was coming in town that weekend, and we decided, why not? Let’s give this place a visit, because we needed to make a decision about this soon!

I have to thank my mom. This place was $28/pp, all-inclusive like the $33/pp venue we looked at, had good food variety (including jambalaya and gumbo) and had a HUGE ballroom! So far, so good. However, this venue almost made me cry out of happiness when the coordinator said, “Tax and gratuity included.” I present to you, the Jefferson Orleans North!

Image source

So, Mr. Ballet Flat and I decided to go to the car and think this out a bit. Really, a few minutes later, we were back inside the venue, signing the dotted line. This felt like the perfect place to have our reception, so we knew we couldn’t wait. We had our venue. Thanks Mom (again) so much!

Have your parents really helped influence you on a pretty big wedding decision?