The winner is…..

August 14, 2008

29 comments…wow!! I can’t believe you guys clicked over to my blog 🙂 Thanks!!

I used generator and assigned everyone the same number, but those who got two entries were #30 & #31. #14 is the lucky winner, so let’s scroll down and see….

Lisa! And she said…

I am going to DIY as much as I can to cut down on costs. We have a TINY budget, because my parents are paying for our wedding and I am not about to break their bank! My main things that I need help with are a card box and the guys’ boutineers. I have no idea where to even start! I also want to DIY our table numbers.

The great thing is that there are some great DIY projects in there that you mentioned in your comment that you need help on, so I’m sure this will be a great addition to your planning :).

Lisa, please email me at amabbate at gmail dot com to claim your prize. I’d like to have your address by tonight so I can mail it tomorrow! 🙂

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My first giveaway for the DIY Brides!!

July 30, 2008

After boring you through my budget posts and love of wedding planning, I decided to help a bride out! I purchased DIY Brides at Michael’s a few weeks back thinking I would need it for projects…however, most of my projects are planned and as BEAUTIFUL as the projects in this book are, I just don’t need to do them.

So, instead of returning the book, here is your opportunity to get a FREE copy of DIY BRIDES!! I love blog giveaways, don’t you??

To enter, just leave a comment on what DIY project you would love to take on but need a little help with. Leave the comment by the end of the day August 13th, and I’ll choose the winner Thursday morning (hoping to mail it out that Friday!).

ALSO, if you link this entry in your blog, I’ll give you 2 additional entries into the contest. Just leave a comment, with your blog website on it, for me to verify!!

Spread the word on this blog entry! I want to give as many brides a chance on this as possible!!