Whoa…that happened FAST!

July 8, 2009

Remember when I was on a mission to lose weight? I was doing pretty darn well…20 lbs. down. My, how things have changed since the wedding!

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I found myself not caring about going to get a meal at Chick Fil-A, eating ice cream everyday, and only working out 1-2 times a week, if that. What happened to me? I gained 10, count that, 10 POUNDS back since the wedding. Yes, our wedding that was a little over a month ago. Just a month! How did that happen? 😦

When I went back to my kickboxing class, I almost passed out again. I remember that feeling when I took the first class back in January. Why did I let myself go? I still have no idea, but it’s time to change again.

Just a side note: I’ve been really hesitant to write this post, because I’m truly embarrassed and ashamed of how much I let myself go. However, now that it’s gotten this bad, I felt that I should admit my faults.

My local YMCA is offering a “July Journey to Panama City” challenge where your workouts convert to miles. From Baton Rouge to Panama City is 325 miles, and so far, I’ve logged 38 miles. 1 mile = 3 minutes of workouts. If you are 1st, 2nd or 3rd to reach Panama City in the challenge, you get a prize. I could care less about what the prize is, but to know I can win this challenge has pushed me to redo my goals to 4-5 workouts/week again. πŸ™‚ I’m also back to food journaling, and it’s made me realize so far that my snacking is out of control.

It’s good to be back, and I hope that this quickly becomes routine again!

Did you have any surprising post-wedding gain? How did you deal with it?

I need a friendly kick please!

March 16, 2009

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I gained 3 pounds the past couple of weeks. Combine family birthdays (mine included) with less time to exercise since I’m working on getting my little labors of love out to the post office this week, it’s been bad. I feel sluggish, gross and like I fell off the horse.

I just joined a weight loss challenge for more accountability. For the next 20 weeks (and more), I will be back on the horse. The first weigh-in online is Friday, which is great. My diet restarts back Tuesday, because darn if I’m gonna restrict myself on my birthday! πŸ™‚

I don’t have to lose for the wedding, but if I can hit those 230’s, I’ll definitely feel like a rock star!

Have you noticed if wedding planning or personal life has gotten in the way of your health/fitness plans? How did you overcome them? πŸ™‚

Some surprises along the way!

March 2, 2009

There have been some things that I’m noticing in my weight loss journey that I really take for granted on a day-to-day basis. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs. so far and 9.25 inches in my body (which is SUPER cool), but besides the obvious, here are two BIG things that I’m watching change pretty quickly!

The biggest thing is my engagement ring. That sucker no longer fits. It will fly off of my finger very easily, and well, we can’t let that happen. I was thinking of just wrapping tape around the band on the palm side to make it smaller, but I discovered Ring Snuggies at Wal-Mart and I’m in LOVE!

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Obviously, that’s not my ring, but you get the picture. These little temporary soft plastic inserts take in your ring a whole size and right now, even that’s a little loose on me. It’s crazy how I’ve gone down a whole ring size in a little under 20 lbs. lost so far!

Another thing I noticed was at DSW. I went shoe shopping for some new ballet flats (which I wear everyday to work…hehe). I’m usually a 9.5/10 shoe size and two different brands of shoes fit me in a size 9! I never thought my feet looked fat, but obviously, there was some blubber hiding in my feet! So weird!!

Have any of you brides noticed any surprises in your weight loss journey that weren’t scale or tape measurement related?

It’s OK to be human!

February 19, 2009

I haven’t updated you guys much lately on my progress with my diet/fitness plan. I got down to 247 lbs. last Thursday, bringing my weight loss to 18 lbs. However, I decided since last weekend was Valentine’s weekend, I wouldn’t sweat the calories so much and just enjoy it! After the mexican food Friday night and the Beef Wellington that I made for V-day night, I gained two lbs back and am sitting at 249. Did I mention my lazy booty didn’t see the gym from last Wednesday to this Wednesday? I’m not bummed about this. I told myself to enjoy the weekend and I did! I can still stare at my paper clip chain holding 16 paper clips. (The one at work is spanning across my bulletin board! It feels awesome!!)

Now, this weekend is Mardi Gras weekend, and as you know, that stands for Fat Tuesday. This will be me over the weekend!! πŸ™‚


Note: I wasn’t engaged at this point…the ring on my right hand is a $7 piece of costume jewelry that I would switch on my left finger in the rare event some weirdo hit on me.

Ok, ok. Just kidding you guys!!

I told myself that I will allow myself one meal of indulgence this weekend, and that will probably be Saturday night when I visit my aunt’s in Mid City for the Endymion Parade. If you EVER go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, this is the ONE parade that I HIGHLY recommend you going to. It’s known for the beautiful fiber optic floats, the best of the bands, celebrity grand marshals and SERIOUSLY, the most throws. My neck is usually sore holding all those beads (which I usually only keep one or two collector beads and give the rest to little kids on ladders lol).

Ok, back to being human. I went to the gym last night for circuit class and Oh My Gosh….my thighs are so sore. It hurt to go down the stairs this morning!! I miss the sore feeling…however, I don’t think I’ve ever been THIS sore before. I think my instructor knew about me skipping out on class hehe! πŸ™‚

I found some great tips in an email this morning from Beachbody (you know, the company that sells the latest workout tapes that are heck of expensive?).

Anyways, I hope these simple tips help a little. They sure made me think!!

Article Link “7 Common Factors of Successful Weight Management”

Do you have any other simple tips to share for those trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle?

It’s all changing!!

February 5, 2009

Thinking back just a couple of months ago, I really have to call myself lazy. I ate fast food almost every day/night, never worked out and just didn’t care about myself much in general. I can say during the holiday season, I was really hard on myself. I thought I was super ugly and could never see myself as a gorgeous bride.


I joined the YMCA a month ago, telling myself it was time to change. I had to change…I hated my looks, hated walking up and down the stairs feeling winded. This is all too familiar, wanting to change.

I told myself that back in 7th grade when I was the fat girl on the cheerleading squad. I told myself back in my junior year that I wouldn’t be the fat girl at prom. I told myself that when I was in one of the largest band uniform sizes at LSU.

As I sat in on that new member meeting, where I was to schedule my first fitness assessment, I looked around and noticed I was the largest person in the room. At that point, I was driven to change. I knew half of these people would quit within a month…they were just here for resolutions, as the leader said. I didn’t want to be a resolution person. No way, I was here for good.

As hurtful as it was to get my results of the assessment, I knew it could only get better from here. I vowed to workout 4 times/week. My fitness assessor didn’t believe I could do it. Her theory was that if I couldn’t walk the stairs for 3 minutes, how could I expect to work out for an hour 4 times/week? It made sense, but I’m really stubborn and that made me more driven to prove her wrong.

I went to my first kickboxing class that next Monday. I remember being ready to leave after the warm up, and almost passing out during the cool down. I’ve attended that kickboxing class religiously every Monday and Wednesday, when it’s offered. Just Monday, it hit me. I was doing all the moves with little to no stopping. It felt great! I talked to my instructor last night about my wedding plans, and how the dress fitting went on Monday. (they are taking it in a whole size because the dress’s corset closes completely right now) He was so happy for me, and just seeing that, is driving me to keep going. I also noticed on the YMCA’s fitness computer, where I log my workouts that my fitness assessor wrote me a note. She said she was so proud of me for doing an average of 132.5 minutes of cardio/week and to keep it up!!

I’m currently at 11 lbs. down right now. I lost 1 lb. last week, which is fine by me! The biggest change I notice is when I skip a workout day, I feel guilty and actually make up for it. This is so weird, because I used to hate exercise! Now, I feel like I need it or my day will be sluggish!. This is so weird, how my mentality of everything is changing. I love it!

When you started a fitness plan, did you notice your mentality towards exercise and diet changing?

My life changes so far…

January 22, 2009

I realized in reading comments from my last post, that I haven’t really discussed with y’all how I am changing my life towards a healthier lifestyle.

I am taking very small steps here, because cold turkey just never works for me. I haven’t had an ounce of soda since October, so that was something that I didn’t have to give up really. Trust me soda drinkers, it’s not that bad to give it up and you actually begin to CRAVE water. The thought of those burpy bubbles going in my system isn’t so appealing anymore. πŸ™‚

Here are some things I’ve changed:

Image source (aren’t these just the cutest??)

* 64 oz. of water everyday. I bought a Sigg bottle to be more eco-friendly, so we don’t buy water bottles as much! (I’m way less tired and hungry doing this!!)

* No more fast food on weekdays. I cook/prepare my meals.

* At least 3 workouts/week, each being 1 hour or more (2 of those being kickboxing class at the Y!)

* Bring my own snacks to work (no more vending machines for me!)
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* Log all food in a journal to watch my progress! (I use this book, as recommended by Ashlee of “Ash is Fit”. Her blog is SO inspirational by the way…she’s 80 lbs. down so far!)

Here are some things I will change soon:

* Make my own breakfast. I currently eat grits from the cafeteria (real southern girl breakfast there!) with nothing added.
* Start the Couch to 5k program on off days from kickboxing class.
* Incorporate more vegetables and fruit in my diet.
* Branch away from chicken meals.
* Venture away from boredom eating vs. eating to feel full (this is a HUGE problem. I’m losing weight currently, but I’m sure it will slow down soon if I don’t get this under control.)

As far as diet goes, I’m following the Weight Watchers program. I used to be a member, but found the meetings to just not help much. I have the books from the program and with the internet (especially the hive!), I have support I need. I also like to switch up days to play with my metabolism using the Wendie Plan. This makes you add up all of your points for the week, then divide the points into high and low point days. Its supposed to keep your metabolism guessing, and so far, it has. πŸ™‚

**I have some motivational tricks that I’ve learned through meetings and also, just reading a lot.**

Paperclip chain – keep a chain of paperclips in your purse or at your desk at work. 1 paperclip represents 1 lb. down. So, I have a chain of 10 in my purse currently. If I want to splurge, I look at this and think about the weight I’ve lost so far. I don’t want to ruin my work for a lame cheeseburger!!

Weights – I (now) lift a 10 lb. weight when I go to the Y to see how far I’ve come. Just to see, this is how much pressure is off my body to walk, run, do whatever. For workouts, I lift more than this, but it’s good to feel a reminder of progress.

Quotes – these are from Jillian Michaels. Her book, Winning by Losing, is absolutely inspiring and has many more quotes. She just wrote this book, understanding where an obese person comes from. It’s not just, do this and that. It helps you realize TODAY is the time to change. If you are looking to lose a good bit of weight, this book is EXCELLENT!

The past does not define, you the present does.” Jillian Michaels

Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!” Jillian Michaels (I love it when she said this in Biggest Loser!)

As for working out, I attend kickboxing class on Monday and Wednesdays for an hour. I’m probably the largest person there, but I know that even if I need to ask the instructor for modifications, I’m changing my life and one day I won’t NEED those modifications. Everyone has to start from somewhere, so I’m no longer embarrassed by my jiggles in class! πŸ™‚ For Tuesday and/or Thursday, I have a weight lifting regime that was set up for me by a fitness trainer at the Y. I usually combine this with some walking in the evening with Mr. Ballet Flat. I rest on the weekend, for now. πŸ™‚

If you are leaning towards a more healthy lifestyle, what are the initial changes you made inΒ  your life?

The finger huggers!

January 21, 2009

Thanks to a recent Monday holiday with our work, Mr. Ballet Flat and I conquered a pretty huge task on our wedding to-do list: the rings.

My ring was easy to find. All I wanted it to do was to match my engagement ring. Mr. Ballet Flat did so great with this ring…I still get compliments on it!!

So, the jewelers found my exact match, and here’s a similar picture of what it will look like.

Image source

I did find out some funny news at the store. My e-ring has been a little loose, so they re-sized me and I went down a ring size! When it gets closer to the wedding, I’ll have my e-ring rhodium dipped and re-sized. My e-ring is a size 7 and we ordered the wedding band in a size 6.5. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with weight loss or not…

**By the way, as of today, I’m 10 lbs. down from when I blogged about finding motivation. Thanks hive for the support!!**

Now, for Mr. Ballet Flat. He tried on many rings, and after pondering over a hammered texture gold band and a titanium ring,Β  he chose the titanium ring. Main reason? Titanium doesn’t scratch :).

Image source

Isn’t the cord in that ring super cool? It’s real cord in there, and yes, Mr. Ballet Flat is going for a little bling too. πŸ™‚

I can’t wait until our rings come in. This was definitely one of those moments where things started to feel more and more real.

What were one of your planning moments where it really started to feel more real?