And…they’re off!!

March 23, 2009

After a long week of constant partying with my Gocco, our invitations are officially out!! I’m really relieved/excited to say that they are on their way to our guests, and I can’t wait to get RSVP’s back!
Envelope extravaganza!

These invites have become my biggest worry, really. I was always second guessing myself on the design of the invites, because hey, you only do this once, and I wanted my guests to get excited about our big day!

I made everything in our invitation suite using the Scriptina and Optimus Princeps fonts, which are freebies! All of the paper for our inserts, as well as the envelopes are in Stardream Opal. I found this paper to be cheapest at Anchor Paper online (where I had them cut to size for me at Office Depot and Kinko’s), and the envelopes at Envelope Mall.

I did DIY our pocketfolds, and you can find detailed instructions for those here. I’ll still say, they aren’t as bad to do as it seems. Just tackle a project like this early on in the wedding planning process, so it’s not too much to take on at once!

I used my Gocco PG5 to print everything for our invitations. If you want to see how I made the invitations and RSVP cards, here’s a post on how I made those.  For those of you who are wondering, it does take a little longer for the ink to dry on Stardreams paper, but once it dries, it will not smear!


These are the direction cards. I combined it with reception and website information since I had room.


For the maps, I made these bad boys on Powerpoint, using the drawing tools and free clip art from Google. They took me a good 4 hours to make, but I think are totally worth it!


To seal the deal on these babies, I used the scraps from the bronze invitation backgrounds being cut and sealed it together with glue dots. They ended up being about 2″ x 11″ and fit perfectly around the pocketfold. I gocco’ed a fleur de lis on the belly band and wrote in our guests’ names with a scrapbooking white ink marker.



For the envelopes, I was going to have calligraphy done by a very talented bridesmaid, Miss K. However, I lost track of time and slacked on sending my guest list to her at a reasonable time. So, I sucked it up and hand-addressed them myself. While my cursive isn’t breath-taking, it got the job done. 🙂

I will say, the best thing about sending these off is that I have great confidence that these will make it to our guests in tip-top shape! I mailed one to our house two weeks ago (to make sure it was enough postage and to see how banged up/stamped up it would get) and it came in perfectly with only one small barcode sticker along the top!


(The actual invitations were done in brown scrapbooking marker. This was just for practice. 🙂 )

Budget breakdown (rounding up to make calculations a bit easier):

Note: I won’t be counting the cost of the Gocco in the tally, since I will be reselling it pretty soon. 🙂

$50.00 – pocketfold paper

$15.00 – all cutting costs at Kinko’s/Office Depot

$67.00 – Stardreams bronze and opal paper for inserts/invitation backing/belly bands

$75.00 – Stardreams 4 bar and A7 envelopes

$61.00 – 8 Gocco screens, 16 bulbs (due to two messed up bulbs that burnt half the image on the screen…blah!), and a good bit of turquoise (mixed with black), brown and white inks

$30.00 – 2 packs of bronze brads, glue dots, tacky tape, scrapbooking pens (all purchased at Michael’s with coupons)

$89.00 – total postage


$3.87/invite (eep…a bit over budget, but I have tons of leftover supplies that will be reused!)

$2.86/invite (not including postage)

Compare that to the going rate of pocketfold invitation suites on sites like Etsy, and I saved about $3-4/pocketfold, which would have been $264-352 savings since we sent off 88 total invitations! I feel pretty good about that!

How did you feel after you sent off the invites?

Taking some shortcuts…

February 17, 2009

As you can probably tell by my lack of DIY posts, I’m starting to feel a little lax in my planning lately. I remember last March, starting my binder with all of these great DIY ideas. I was looking forward to my plethora of craft projects, strategically spread out throughout the upcoming 14 months of planning.

Well, I’ve kind of turned to my procrastinating side, and now to my second guessing side. Do I really need these pretty embossed envelopes, only for guests to rip them open? Do I really need to offer to make more invitations for the rehearsal dinner? Hmm…well, my cutting corners side emerged thanks to Gartner Studios.

I originally was going to buy these clear favor boxes with personalized labels and homemade favors inside. That morphed into, well, how many people will look at my homemade treats and truly appreciate them? I remember attending a wedding last year, noticing all the neglected favors. I appreciated how cute they were, and yep, I took 3 home! However, there were a whole bunch leftover as we left. I felt bad for the bride and groom. I know they spent a good bit of time making them perfect for their big day.

So, here emerges my second guessing side. Our favors have morphed into these favor boxes with Mr. BF and I’s favorite candies in the boxes. (My apologies for the blurry picture. This is what Gartner Studios has on their website!!)

Image source

The labels will say something cheesy and cute….I can’t help it!! “Enjoy a few of our favorite things.” A sort of play off of The Sound of Music’s song. These are a really cute substitution, in my opinion, and shouldn’t take so long to make!

I wanted to offer to help FMIL Ballet Flat with rehearsal dinner invites, but, well, I’m busy with our invites and other projects right now. I just wanted to make things simpler here. As Mr. BF and I were perusing Target for our weekly clearance shopping date, I noticed these teal and brown Letter Impress invitations for $35/box of 50. We suggested these to FMIL, and we offered to pick them up for her to look at. Wouldn’t you believe the VERY next day, they were on CLEARANCE for half off!! SCORE! (Once again, apologies for the blurry picture.)

Image source

Have you noticed yourself feeling the crunch and taking some shortcuts in your wedding planning?

DIYer’s Paradise!

December 30, 2008

I hope everyone has had a wonderful, relaxing holiday season so far!

I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t written a post in a couple of weeks.  I’d rather not go into detail that much right now though about what’s going on. Just wanted to apologize, so sorry hive!

::focuses back into the reason for this post::

The ever-so-wonderful Paper-Source is having a HUGE sale on a good bit of their paper products.

I used Paper-Source in part of my invitations (the RSVP card and envelopes), and my Gocco (in the days of RISO producing them). I’ve had nothing but great service from them!

Check out some of the sale items, color wise! It encompasses quite a few colors (as well as some of the Stardream line).


Images source

**All of the pictured are 50% off!!**

So, if any of those are your colors, go check out the products they have. Just realize that some printers do not work well with precut sheets of paper, from what I’ve heard. Kinko’s doesn’t print on these either, unfortunately!

Any sales that you would like to share with the hive?


December 12, 2008


Image source
(what my wedding “to-do” list is looking like right about now….)

We did it. We officially booked our limousine company. I felt like a major procrastinator in not booking the limos yet, but one day, I researched, emailed and the next, we chose. It’s crazy, because I felt like I still had something big left to do, and now, it’s all the little things from here! (a lot of little things, though! I just need to make a new “to-do” list!)

It’s so hard to look at a calendar and see what used to be 14 months away, now almost 5 months away! 5 months! It’s absolutely nuts! Not that I cannot WAIT to marry Mr. Ballet Flat, but pretty soon, all this planning will be over. All my obsessing with the DIY details, making the large to-do lists, budgeting, will be over. I’ll walk away a Mrs. in 5 very short months, and it’s just amazing to me that this is all about to take place!

Since we are marrying in the Catholic church, next month, we are going on an engaged couples retreat. I’m a little nervous about that, because I have NO idea what we are in for. We didn’t do very well on the FOCCUS test at all, and I’m afraid the retreat will be just the same.

Then, later the next month, invitations are going out! Eep!! It’s so crazy!

Have any of you brides reached a realization with your wedding countdown? Do you feel like you will have it all sorted out by the big day?

Having fun with invitations!

November 26, 2008

Image source

(Although I’m sure my living room will look somewhat like this pretty soon!)

I knew that I wanted to DIY our invites when we first got engaged. It would make things more personalized without a hefty price tag. I started my search for fun paper online, and I think I’m going to be using a few of these places even post wedding! These are the stores I’ve used so far in the DIY invitation process.

Mister Art

This was the first website I visited for pocketfold paper. I looked for textured paper in an attempt to have something a little different for the invitations and stumbled across this site using google. It just so happened that they were discontinuing “Marina Teal” in the Strathmore line. So, I got these sheets for a steal really!

Anchor Paper

It’s not the most navigable site out there, but their customer service makes up for it big time. They sent me free paper samples in my wedding colors for free, and helped me make an order for my paper. They can also cut your paper to the size you want. If it’s not 5.5×8.5 in. or 8.5×11 in., they will probably have to cut from larger sheets, which can be at least 30×40 in. I found this site to be the cheapest for Stardream paper, which is simply a metallic, shimmery (and printable) paper.

Paper Source

This is a more pricey store, but if you buy in bulk (10 pks. or more of an item), you get 10% off. They have precut sheets and notecards in many colors. I did decide to buy the RSVP cards and envelopes here, on a whim. One less thing to score and fold, right?

They also have fun envelope or envelope liner making templates. Check out these fun envelope liner paper ideas that they offer!

Images source

Are there any other trusty paper stores that you like/used for your DIY paper creations?


November 3, 2008

Target just keeps giving me reasons to go there, spend my paycheck and still love them forever. If only I would have seen this before planning out my invitations, I think my DIY-crazed mind would have been gravitated towards these.

I’m pretty sure I can speak for the hive when I say we all drool over a meticulously personalized letterpress invitation. It’s all about the texture, right? However, when it comes to the price tag of these beautiful invitations, some of our minds (at least mine) change.

**enter Letter Impress**

Target, in partnership with Gartner Studios has a line of premade invitations called Letter Impress. These are blank invitations, RSVPs and corresponding envelopes with the designs already on them. You get a set of 50 for $34.99!! Amazing deal right??

Check out some of these beautiful designs!

Black Filigree

Image source

Pink Peony

Image source

Navy Blue Stripe

Image source

In addition, they also carry Letter Impress Save the Dates and Thank You notes. 

To make it even more foolproof and tempting, they have the word templates for each invitation type on their website! So, it really can’t get much easier than this!

Here’s a secret for you brides who have more than a year to plan. There are seasonal invitation kits and also some designs that go on MAJOR clearance when they are discontinued. I’m talking 75% off. I saw some fall kits on clearance at my local Target for $8.74 a kit! I also saw a Navy Blue Stripe box for 75% off and bought it. I figured, hey, one day, I could use these for some party I host…. one day!

Clearances are my weakness…

So hive, do you have any stationery hidden gems that you’ve seen for the budget-conscious?

There are way too many…

September 22, 2008


Starting when I was an RA in college, I loved going to websites and choosing funky, fun fonts for posters, class notes, etc. Now that I’m a bride, fonts are starting to intimidate me just a little bit.

I mean, I can’t possibly be expected to just choose 1 or 2 fonts for my invites right? There are just so many beautiful fonts. I already chose 1 for my STD’s, but should I carry that over into my invites to incorporate a theme somehow? I guess I could do that, but I have a few more months to choose!

I love free fonts, by the way. The cheaper, the better in my eyes. If you are starting on your font search, here are my two favorite sites to check out!

1001 Free Fonts

You can find all of these wonderful fonts on DaFont. I haven’t had time to go to 1001 Fonts yet.  So, in my search so far, here are some of my favorites!

Calligraphy/Script Options

Brock Script


Chopin Script

Freebooter Script

Honey Script

Serif/Sans Serif Options

Bodoni XT


Geo Sans Light (STD font)

Optimus Princeps
Images source

Also, a great thing I discovered about font sites is that there are fonts called Dingbats. These are graphics, which are treated like fonts. Each letter on the keyboard represents a different graphic! So, they can be any color you want them, any size, etc. Great for invites, monograms, really anything!

Here are some floral dingbats that I love!


Florals 2

Flower Ornaments
Images source

Are you/Did you having trouble finding the perfect font(s) for your wedding papers? Which fonts did you go with if you have already decided on your fonts?