Thanks for the memories!

April 29, 2009

One of the biggest things about a wedding are the memories. My photographer told me she is going to take hundreds of pictures of the big day. Hundreds? I don’t think I have a Facebook album from an event with hundreds of pictures! Heck, in my college days, I thought I took too many pictures…this just takes the cake (in a good way)!

Well, since I’ve heard from so many former brides that the day just flies by and you don’t really see it all, I decided we should ask for more perspectives from our guests.

So, Mr. BF and I were on the look-out for the infamous disposable cameras. We didn’t care if they said wedding on them, because we are going to have cards on the table explaining what they are for anyway!

So, in our adventures to Target, we found a bunch on clearance for half off. Even better, they are good for action shots. I know our families will be going nuts on the dance floor, so this will be great to capture those random moments (just in case my photographer has too much to capture on her never know with my family, trust me!).

I decided to pretty them up with some invitation scrap paper and pretty ribbon I found at Michael’s. I also Gocco’ed on some Martha Stewart teal-ish looking “recipe cards”. They will make great cards on the table, in my opinion, and were on clearance for $1! SCORE!


Here’s a picture of the two put together. It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but there is small ribbon tied on the side for people to hold on their wrists, if they want. I thought it was a cute touch, since the cameras already had the holes in the side for it!


Oh wait! I’m not done. I stole this idea from Mrs. Cream Puff. I decided to make a Flickr account for our guests to share photos from their digital cameras. And like so many bees, I decided to make Moo minicards to give guests the message. I put our engagement pictures on the cards, with the message about the Flickr account on the other side. These cards are super cute! I love how they came out!!


To make it budget friendly, I found a code online for 20% off. I’m not sure if it’s valid anymore, but if you google “moo cards coupon code”, you might get lucky!

Are you asking your guests to share some of the memories they captured of your big day?

Giving is Awesome!

December 12, 2008

For those of you brides who would like custom photography for your big day, but in no way can afford it? That is where Giving is Awesome comes in.

Image source

Giving is awesome is a website that has 250 photographers nationwide donating over $240,000 worth of photography for those who deserve it. You can nominate yourself or if you know of someone who deserves this, feel free as well! This is just in time for the holiday season (and also our horrible economy). I think it’s a wonderful ideas for brides who want to remember their big day!

You simply go to the nomination page for “Regular People” and look at the map to see if there is a photographer local to you offering their services. For me, I clicked on the only one in southern Louisiana, just to give you an example.

Image source

Then, you go to their site or contact them for more details!

Just wanted to pass the word down, since photography can break the budget, and some of us have experienced some tragedies lately that have messed up your original plans. Hope this helps!

Everything is BUDGET! (Part 2 of 5)

July 22, 2008

After we nailed down the place to have a wedding, we decided that it would be best to (DUH!) have someone to help us with the memories of our day!

The articles I read recommended 10-12% of the budget go towards photographer. So, I knew we had $1200 at the most to spend on a photog…unfortunately, no one was this cheap for our whole wedding!

I consulted my local knot board and originally emailed someone based in New Orleans, since he was closest to our price range. However, imagine my first hurdle in wedding planning, when he said he would be out of town for that weekend. (bummer…)

I was really bummed because there was no one even close in price range to what we could afford. I was perusing the local Baton Rouge board, and found our photographer, Amanda Meyer. Knotties raved about her and how affordable she is. At the time, she was there…$1200…perfect. However, we wanted to wait a little on it, and we wanted to meet her as well! I subscribed to her blog and noticed a post about a tax day sale of $100 off any booking!!! BINGO! We were in…$1100 for 6 hrs. wedding coverage!! (and NO TRAVEL FEES to our wedding even though she is 60-70 miles away!!)

Now, for photography, we wanted engagement pictures, as well as bridal pictures….so that added another $400 to the tab, making it $1500 total. (still a great price!)

15% of our budget….so we had to squeeze off 3% SOMEWHERE….but where?

Busy Weekend ahead!!!

July 10, 2008

I’m super excited! Joey is coming over to NOLA for the weekend, and we are getting some checks done!

* cake tasting
* Pre Cana meeting with the priest

Also, HUGE congrats to our wedding photog, Amanda Meyer, for being accepted into the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association)!.

Also, save the dates are about to be sent out! Stay tuned!! 🙂

Engagement Pics!!

May 15, 2008

Our wonderful photographer, Amanda Meyer, took our engagement pictures for us last April in what is known as “the quad” on LSU’s campus. The scenery there is just beautiful, and I knew this would make for great shots. It was one of my favorite places to just hang out in college, because it is just relaxing and gorgeous! The weather, lucky for us, was beautiful for a spring day in Louisiana, and Amanda made us feel so comfortable.

Finally, without further adieu, I give you a sampling of our engagement pictures (at least my favorites!)

By the way, I will openly admit and give a huge thank you to Sara Blakely for creating Spanx. I appreciate your products holding in my non-photo friendly belly 🙂

Images source

Did you feel comfortable around your photographer when it came to taking engagement pictures?

Introduction from the Bride to Be

March 24, 2008

Hey everyone reading this! (which is probably just me and Joey right now)

I’m extremely excited! I’m Amy, I’m 24 years old from Destrehan, LA. I recently got engaged to my <3, Joey! We have known each other for a few years now, and met on Yahoo Messenger. Usually, I ignore guys that would IM me using that service, but in talking to Joey, I realized this guy was different…this guy I had to talk to. He was so interesting and goofy…I just wanted to keep talking all night! We eventually met in real life, and things hit off right away. We were only together for a month, because our personalities then were much different. We remained friends through it all, and would talk to each other sporatically.  A couple years later, in my senior year of college, we decided to give this relationship one more shot….we were more mature and had much more in common! Sixteen wonderful months later, here we are! Planning our big day!!

We have booked the church (St. Charles Borromeo), which is the church I’ve attended all my life. It’s a beautiful church!!

We are looking into holding the reception at Ormond Country Club as well, since their prices are reasonable and the facility was recently renovated.

We are also looking at photographers, and the main one I’m looking at right now is Amanda Meyers. Her work is beautiful and she is EXTREMELY affordable!

Our colors are teal and chartreuse with coral and pink flowers for our spring wedding. We are working under a budget of 10K, so it will be heavy on the DIY projects and crafts 🙂 but I hope in the end, it’s still elegant and beautiful for us, our families and friends to enjoy!