Save the Date!

September 19, 2008

Before joining The Knot, I had never heard of Save the Dates before. In fact, when I started lurking on the Knot’s forums, I remember seeing a lot of talk about STD’s, and I was just really confused as to WHY these brides were comfortable talking so personally on the internet about an STD. I didn’t click on a link for a while to avoid the potentially NSFW (not safe for work) talk. By the way, did I mention I’m a blonde? (naturally and also with some salon enhancements) However, when I read someone’s wedding blog using the acronym STD, I quickly realized the REAL abbreviation STD stood for on The Knot: Save the Dates.

I loved the idea of simply letting people know way in advance that you are getting married on xx/xx/xxxx date. It’s a great way to announce the big day to your family, and with me being a Memorial Day weekend bride, people can make the necessary arrangements further than a couple of months in advance. 🙂

So, I stumbled upon a site called Wedding Paper Divas and fell in love with all of the designs. SO many cute possibilities, but wow, this was a little out of my budget. So, I used them for inspiration and we made our own.

Here was my favorite, and Joey seemed to like it as well!

Image source

I remember reading about the affordability of VistaPrint on the Knot forums one day, so I knew we had to DIY these postcards. Joey got to work on Photoshop (since I have NO photoshop experience whatsoever) and after working really hard on finding the right font and getting the formatting to work, he made a beautiful STD postcard for our guests!

It’s almost the same, really. We added in the fleur de lis graphic, since we will be using that a lot throughout the theme of the wedding, and 200 of these postcards, with shipping, cost us **drumroll please** $14.95. These postcards are of great quality, and these definitely do not look like I paid $15 for all of them. What a steal!

There’s another factor in this equation. You have to pay for postage, right? Now, a part of me doesn’t really care about stamps because people don’t really pay attention to what got the message there. I was not about to pay extra for zazzle to make the stamps cute.

At the time I started thinking of my Save the Dates, I was fully prepared to use the weird panther postcard stamps.  

Image source

However, when the post office changed postage rates, they debuted some new postcard stamps. When I saw these, I don’t know why, but I got a little giddy because of how CUTE they are. Seriously, cute!

Image source

I’m excited to say that we will be sending out our Save the Dates probably by the end of the month. It will give our guests a good 8 months in advance. Wow, 8 months until we are married. Woo! I can’t wait!!

Are you sending out save the dates for your big day? If so, are you going to DIY or pay someone else to do them?

Our Save the Dates!

April 10, 2008

Here is our final Save the Dates! Joey made these on Photoshop (our last names painted out for here) and bought 200 of these on Vistaprint for $15 (including shipping!). Saved $25 on what I budgeted for these! Yay for free promotions! I love Vistaprint…

Save The Date

I really like this…

March 25, 2008

From Wedding Paper Divas

I like the look of this Save the Date from Wedding Paper Divas. This will probably be the inspiration for our DIY Save the Dates in our colors of Teal and Chartreuse (this links to an etsy which gave me my original inspiration for the wedding colors)