Breaking them in…

February 12, 2009

I absolutely love my bridal shoes. Remember how I mentioned I wanted comfortable? Well, on this large frame, it’s hard to consider anything with a heel comfortable now. I realized in my dress fitting that these shoes were going to cause trouble if I didn’t break them in.

See, I’m used to wearing flats (thus my bee name), but heels make me feel sexy (haha! seriously, something about a good pair of heels). So, the logical thing to do is break these babies in!

I’ve been wearing them around the house in 30 minute intervals, and I’m not sure if I have that sexy walk down quite yet. However, I’m trying.

I also bought these bad boys at David’s Bridal (in white) to keep my toes from sliding. However, I’m sure I’m going to need to buy more insole and some strap help because those dig into my feet.

Image source

I’m sure I’m going to have to end up buying a pair of white platform sandals to dance in or something. I can’t go to my loyal ballet flats on our big day, because there’s a 2 inch difference in height between the shoes!

Image source

Did/do you have problems with your shoes before the wedding? Do you have any breaking in tips for me?

I had to cheat!

January 6, 2009

I feel like I cheated my (bee) name, and you will see why. As I’ve mentioned before, Mr. Ballet Flat and I are the same height. So, the shoes proved to be a big dilemma.

I am now rushed to find my shoes, because THE DRESS came in. I was informed that I need to have my shoes picked out by February 3rd for the dress to be altered in time for my springtime bridal pictures. So, needless to say, I spent New Years weekend on a shoe hunt.

Here was my criteria:

  1. comfortable
  2. low heel
  3. doesn’t make my feet look huge (I’m a size 9.5/10)
  4. less than $100

I first started at my bridal shop, however, they only had sample shoes in size 7-8. The consultant joked that I should cut off my toes like in Cinderella. Serious fail right there!

The next day, I went to (gulp) David’s Bridal on a Saturday. I just wandered around the shoe section alone, and that helped me. No pressure…just me, two of those way too small poor excuses for hoseiry, and 20 styles of shoes. I immediately eliminated the super high heels for obvious reasons and began my hunt.

I explored pointed toe shoes, and my feet felt GIGANTIC.  I tried on peep toe shoes (shout out Miss Peep Toe), but the heels were way too unstable. I even tried on (personal shout out) ballet flats! However, the heel dug into my skin (ouch!).

I lost hope. Then, I saw these. Oh so simple, with a cute rhinestone buckle.

Image source

Psssh! I thought, no way. The heel is 2″. WAY too high for me. My ankles will FLOP.

I tried them on, stood up and took a step. Whoa…I was able to take a step without stumbling. Then, I took more, wiggled a little to see how stable and comfy the shoe was. I was getting a little happy¬† here. Then, I looked at the price tag thinking, “Dear God, let these be in budget.”

They were TOTALLY in budget. They were $50!!!!

The first negative thing I thought about was cheating on my Weddingbee name. BLASPHEMY! Miss Ballet Flat will not be wearing Ballet Flats to her wedding! (sorry hive!)

I immediately put on my tennis shoes and asked a lady if I could order these, because the pair I tried on was all worn, dirty…you could imagine. To my surprise and absolute delight, they had extra FRESH pairs in the back!

I walked super confidently to the front, glanced at the “NO RETURNS” sign and stopped. I thought to myself that this was it. These are the shoes. These are going to be on my feet on the big day!! I got in line, bought them, got home and showed them to my mom. My mom, being a seemingly super picky, knows how to shop for shoes (love you, Mom!), woman APPROVED! (not that I couldn’t turn back, but it was great to get her approval on these!)

I have shoes now! YAY!

**On a side note, I do plan on making (i.e. fancying up white Old Navy flip flops) plan B reception shoes because I know for a fact I will not last in heels for 6+ hours!**

Did you end up picking shoes in a style that you didn’t expect to choose?

Being this tall makes things a challenge…

September 18, 2008

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m a tall girl. How tall, you probably wonder? Well, let’s just say my fiance and I have another thing in common…we are both 5’11”. *crickets chirp*

I would feel really awkward being taller than my fiance on our wedding day. So, I’ve enlisted the help of some great shoes that would suit Joey well in this situation…

Image source

Ok, ok. I’m only kidding! So, what’s a girl to do? Well, I guess I have to keep my height the same here. No high heels for this bride!

I’ve been exploring my options of flat shoes or even a super low heel shoe. I’d love a low heel, to still have that sexy feel. (I love how fabulous a COMFORTABLE pair of heels make me feel!) Thanks to a few websites, my fashion gears are starting to turn! Wahoo!

Check out these beauties…

Image source

Image source

Image source

Of course if these low heels don’t quite feel right for me, here are some flats I’ve been eyeing :).

Image source

Image source

Image source

Are you and your fiance the same height (or perhaps, you are taller than your fiance)? If so, what are you doing for shoes?